It is perhaps odd and wrong that this item is last, since it is a huge subject, important to many of us, and how SL Animations hb got its start.  But to understand it, it has been said in Second Life that without Animations that Second Life is just walking around.  Animations is where the avatars get a chance to seem normal and where they come to life.  Animations and Poses are therefore in common need for your average Second Life house or apartment to provide for sitting, talking, communicating and more.  At SL Animations hb I would think we have over 100 poses or animations in this category today that we have put together over time.  So this is a big subject.  We will at least show the categories below and over time, we will try and also show some images of some of the more popular items over time on this website.  Our apologies if that construction takes us time.


Yes, to sit on chairs or to sit on the beach, or on couches in your house or place in Second Life, poses can add a lot.  We have many varieties of poses that just simply cover the normal needs of sitting, sleeping or the like that you can place on furniture or items in your corner of Second Life to enhance your living.


Yes, yes, we have many poses and animations for cuddling or love with that special someone.  Some of our latest hugging and kissing versions are not only animations but also synchronized animations.  How do we provide synchronization?  Well clearly we are also in the dance business and dance animation MUST have synchronization.  When we could not find good SL script to do that in the public domain, we did our own, and we are glad we did.  Doing it ourselves showed us that there can be problems with doing it wrong and SL can get confused in animations.  And since we do our own, we can customize for an application.  But synchronized kissing really uses about the same SL Animations hb software that the dances use.  They will synchronize when either person joins.


This section we may never illustrate on line for modesty :) . However, for those special people we also do love animations and have an extensive collection for several tastes:  heterosexual, lesbian, spanking, bdsm.  One must visit our mall, in the first floor rear area mostly to see the collection. There is also some in the very back of the first animation area to the left as one first enters the mall.


Yes, maybe this should be more at the top of this page, but we do have some items very popular with people, that I could call big stuff.  That might include:

ICE RINK SETUP - a Full kit to make an ice rink on your land.  Ice, textures, a dance ball where 10 people can do complex skating routines by clicking it, and two gift boxes - which you can set on your land that allow guests to at least have simple skates for free, male and female.  This setup was quite popular and it seems some have seen our setup and sent others to buy it.  We had a run on them at the beginning of winter.  But of course, ice skating can be fun any time of year.

CATWALK - a catwalk with a small room attached where models can change clothes in privacy, and then walk out on the catwalk when they are ready.  Will accommodate two models walking or using at once.  Opt  ions on speed of return walks, but we suggest using that part manually to ensure fully dressed as desired before walking out.

CANNON - This one may be a little simpler, but is also like the above a Sheri Lane creation when she was still on SL.  But she had done a cannon in a sculptured prim, and then got a complex texture to work on giving a low prim cannon that also looks great, makes noise and has some smoke and more.  Cute.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - two different pianos, a pipe organ, a bass fiddle and drums all separate with animations that make one appear to play them.

COMPUTER SIMULATION - small desk and laptop computer and animation to make it look as an avatar is using it.

ROTATING FISH - yes, the fish you see popping out of the water or whales just swimming in a circle in SL.  They really just rotate, but much of that is fun.

AMUSEMENT PARK - Yes, we have stuff for amusement parks - mostly original Sheri Lane work - with a ferris wheel, merry go round, rope climb, jet plane ride, Harry Potter broomstick ride and more







thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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