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We at OnP Owl and Pussycat do not ourselves make prim breasts, nor are we affiliated with those who do, nor do we include prim breasts for free in any of our packages.  However, we do understand that they are becoming more and more popular in Second Life and we therefore are modifying some of our clothes to accommodate prim breasts. Below this you will see links to some of our more popular clothes that can work with prim breasts - at least some version of "mused" and "lola tango" types. And below that some more comments on how all of this works.

Elegance Gowns   Swimsuit String Bikinis
Dragon Lady 2   Gowns Low Cut Fashioned Skirt
Corset Gowns   Short Skirt Teddy Fashioned Skirts



HOW DO OUR CLOTHES WORK for prim breasts?

The "mused" and "lola tango" sales groups each provide a clothes applier that can work with their breasts.  For mused we use the bra applier, and for lola tango, we use the dress top applier.  We then look at materials and designs we use for our gowns swimsuits or other ladies clothes and also make clothes templates for both mused and lola tango clothes appliers.


Using them should be easy.  We will give you some textures (images) that you must put in your inventory somewhere.  These images will be used by mused or lola tango clothes appliers.  Just wear the prim breasts from mused or lola tango, and first get the breasts ready.  Left click the prim breasts (but not the nipple) to get the clothes menu.  For mused you must be certain to get the breast menu and not the nipple menu.  Then make sure there are no clothes attached to it, and that you are using nude or clothes off.  Then for mused choose to add clothes, a bra, and then press show.  It is okay if it is the wrong bra.  We will fix it later.  For lola tango the operation to get the breasts ready is similar.  Ensure that the breasts are nude.  Do this by wearing the breasts and then left clicking them and select "nude" - this will remove any clothes now attached.  Then select "dress top".  This may show the wrong dress top, but we will fix that.


After the preparation above, then find the clothes applier for either mused or lola tango.  Simply left click it and select load or in the case of lola tango just press the center and wait.  The correct matching clothes should now be on the breasts.  Note though that for some clothes, there may be multiple appliers.  In those cases, read the titles of the appliers to choose the correct one for the clothes you want to match.




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