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Aside from having main lines of skins that each have different goals, we also use a numbering and lettering system to tell the makeup type and skin shade.  Note that in all, we offer 6 skin shades for some of our lines.  These vary as below from "1" or "1.0" the lightest skin shade, to "3.5" our darkest skin shade.  We often also put a letter in front of this number to tell what kind of makeup might be included.  "R" for red makeup, "P' for pink, "B" for Black fingernails and toenails, and "N" for no makeup at all.  So then, "Shannon R1" would mean our Shannon skin line with red makeup, and our lightest shade.

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Accent $L 199 pkg  
   ACCENT SKINS at OnP, Owl and Pussycat

The name gives away the idea behind this our latest skin.  This skin takes Flirt, our previous most alluring skin, and adds shading and or lighting in key areas and also more contrast to make it even more alluring.  It has quickly become our favorite.

How much alluring is okay?  When does reality slip into fantasy?  Well, this is second life.  Why not have some fun and be alluring.  Are we waiting for third life?

This low priced package includes 72 skins ready to be used.  Those 72 skins cover all 6 of our skin shades, so 12 per shade.  Of those 12, one has no makeup, and one only eyeliner.  The others give variations on a theme of red lip and red finger and toe nails.  However, "no makeup" does not mean no makeup. you can add makeup almost any color by using the "tattoo" level makeup appliers to the no makeup skins - which include the one with eyeliner.

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Flirt 1 and 2 $L 100 pkg  
   FLIRT SKINS at OnP, Owl and Pussycat

There are actually two lines here, Flirt  and Flirt2.  Of course as the similar name implies, the body is very similar.  The differences are convenience versus variety.  Flirt (1) is mostly about convenience for those that desire red fingernails and toenails and want a single skin that contains all of the makeup as well.  Flirt therefore allows 72 different skin selections that include all 6 shades of skin, plus choice of pubic hair or shaved, and then choices further in makeup.  Flirt 2 uses a different method and only works with the new SL viewer (still called Beta at this time).  What it does is to have the basic 6 shades of skin with also choice of pubic hair or shaved making 12 basic skin choices.  It then uses the second level of the new SL viewer called the tattoo layer which then allows any of 38 makeup styles on those 12 basic skins - giving you a huge 456 different skin combinations.  But of course it takes two layers of the new viewer to do that.

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Dance With Me $L 100 pkg  
  DanceWithMe SKINS from OnP, Owl and Pussycat

More Alluring than Shannon. A nd alluring regardless of how much or how little she decides to wear. We begin with the face and have increased the black eyeliner around the eyes in order to draw attention to the eyes and of course to make the facial style more dramatic. As for body shading, it is more pronounced than the Shannon line for when you wish to show more. There should be some photos included via the link below. Please look those over.

The DanceWithMe lines come with different packages for red maekup, pink makeup, or no makeup at all.  All skins however do have black eyeliner, and more black eyeliner than our Shannon line.

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Shannon $L 100 pkg  
  SHANNON SKINS at OnP, Owl and Pussycat

Our Shannon skin line is meant to be an elegant but subtle skin. As such it does have black eyeliner, but a smaller amount than some of our other lines. It does have body shading, but more subtle than some of our other lines such as our "DanceWIthMe" or "Flirt" or "Accent" skins. However, we ourselves still find the Shannon faces striking. The series was named Shannon after a person we know that does wear makeup, and yet has what seems to be a very beautiful complexion. That was at least what we were trying to do. You can of course view the photos to see if you agree. The Shannon lines come with different packages for red makeup, pink makeup, or no makeup at all.  Of course each still does have mild black eyeliner.

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Goth $L 100 pkg  
  Goth Line

Some similarity to the Shannon line but with mostly black makeup (but with a red lipstick option as well), This skin line also has more eyeliner in black applied around the eyes for effect. For all skins, has black fingernail and toenail polish in all cases.

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