X Street Changes


X Street Becomes SL Marketplace

For a while, we had a section on this website for links to x-street.  Of course that section is no longer beneficial since SL has taken over X-Street and instead given us SL Marketplace.   So far we find we like SL Marketplace at least as much as X Street, and of course some things are similar.  But the links will be different.  Having to do this all over again, supplying links, we will not do it separately from our normal pages, but will just give links next to the areas on this site where we have product photos and information.  It will likely take us a little bit of time to get back up and running - with new linkages

- Hunter Bronet

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

Visit us at the Owl and Pussycat Mall in Second Life at Tissela
look under classifieds for Owl and Pussycat ..or