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Windows:  10,8,7

  rpsoft2000 PDF to Clipboard Software Program
Windows 10, 8,1,7

Screen Requirements:  at least 1180 pixels wide by 782 pixels high
pdf to bank sofware screen image   "PDF to CLIPBOARD"

If this program works for you (read the usage and accuracy pages) it might save some drudgery for you entering information into an accounting program like Quicken if your starting point is PDF statements. It allows adding information, and then allows information to be transferred an item a time by computer clipboard.
  rpsoft2000 PDF to Clipboard Software Program  
Is this Program Valuable for YOUR usage? How Does Category Scan/Replace Work?
USAGE and How this Program Works for PDF  



It can load and save Qif files for banking data. But few places may still use those. The latest Quicken does not seem to. Its main usage is now to be a "go-between" your Bank PDF information and your banking account database, such as Quicken. You would load PDF data by highlighting only data area at a time on your PDF form, and then using ctrl + c to copy it to the computer clipboard. And then us the "PDF New" button on this software to load it. If you wish to add another data area on your pdf that is also continuous data, then highlight that and use ctrl +c, but then use "PDF add" to add that data onto your existing data.

  And it can help to add intelligence, some of it automatically after setup. You can enter a "category" list that is tab delimited that during loading of banking software can scan bank payee descriptions for key words, or scan expenses or deposits for key amounts, and then automatically add in an expense category to your information. It allows transfer to most banking software databases, such as Quicken, when done, by transferring each item at a time. You would press a button one at a time for date, description, amount, category, and it would send the information to your computer clipboard. Then you can take your mouse over to the correct place in your banking software database such as Quicken and use ctrl + v to paste it in the correct spot.


Perhaps the most important thing to add is the category list, which must be tab delimited, and therefore done offline by another program... such as a spreadsheet program like Excel or other that can save tab deleted files. You could also do this in a word processing program, but that is a little harder, ensuring tabs between each data item and a line feed or carriage return or both at the end of each line.

DEFINITION -"tab delimited"

What does "tab delimited text file mean?"  The word delimited tells how data is separated.  Tab delimited files are common for spreadsheets.  Think of there being 4 items of data per line:  what information to scan, what characters to look for (capitalization does not matter), then third the exact wording of the expense category, and then an optional description if you are keying off of expense or deposit amounts rather than searching the description. There would be a tab space separating each of these data items.  And of course at the end of the line, would be a line feed or carriage return, something most spreadsheets do for you automatically when saving "tab delimited" data.  So three necessary items of data, and then an optional fourth item if keying on an amount of money.

Data Areas on the Form

There are ten groups of data going down the page. A prominent 6 buttons in a row at the top of each group of data is used most commonly for the transfer by sending items to the clipboard. In a row, left to right, these 6 primary buttons include: date, check number (optional), description, expense, deposit, and category. And clearly you would normally only have an entry for either expense or deposit but not both. There are also three text areas. Two are really expansion of button data for description and for expense category. The third is for the optional memo, which if you click, can send that information to the clipboard.

Options - Select these before you load data

  • Year - often, bank pdf statements have month and day. What is set here can add the year. Note that if the year changes on the pdf form, you could first load the data with the year set to last year, and then change the year setting to the new year and load that data using "PDF Add." If you forget to set the year correctly, and all are the same year, there is an option under "Edit" to redo dates to the year that you now set. But it will reset all currently in memory to the year setting.

  • Expenses plus or minus. Yes, banks and credit cards are not consistent whether expenses are plus or minus. Best to set this to whatever this pdf if doing before load. But if you miss doing that, under "Edit" pull down menu is an option to reverse expense and deposit items.

  • Date Type - Most date types us a slash like / to give a month and date, or date and month of: 3/11 for example. But if instead the place uses: "Jan ", "Feb ", then just changing this option will scan for those 3 digit dates and change them to / type dates. There is also an option to load your own month types in case they are not 3 digits each. But in this case, there is no option provided for the day before the month if a text month is used. So "7 Feb" will not work but "Feb 7" will. As for the "slash" type dates as 3/11, we believe they could be month/day or day/month since we do not, we believe, check for any specific numbering scheme there... other than there needs to be a number before and after the /. In this case of date type, there is no fixing after the fact under Edit. So it really needs to be set before loading if the PDF uses a text month.

General:  Used to Open or save files, but also has a number of options

  • File -  Categories - Allows you to load a category tab delim list from anywhere, and save it either in the usage folder (same folder as the program automatically) or "save as" wherever you wish.
  • Edit options - "
    • f2 key - toggle edit on and off - so you can revise data areas or instead choose to "run" and send them to clipboard
    • f5 key - refresh screen to show recent changes
    • f7 key - examine data for automatic category expense item additions (use if list is added later)
    • f3 key - add new category with multiple fields in upper right part of the screen
    • f4 key - Exit and Save new Category (and of course f7 key will against test categories including your new entry)
    • Change all Date Years to Year Setting - if you forgot to set this at the start and all years are the same
    • Reverse Expenses and Deposits - if the setting at the start was wrong and expenses in the wrong column
    • Clear all Data - this might be for security and prying eyes only, since the "PDF New" key also clears before usage
  • Help - Leads to 7 help screens with different topics. Some have images

Some other Features

  • Shows your progress line by yellow indicator after clicking the date on that line. Lines with previous clicked dates turn red

  • Data lines as broken down into lines into this program show in a text box the upper right

  • Red comments show up on each line if the software had to work extra hard to decode... as a warning to check

  • Full Edit Capability of Each button toggled from "edit mode" to "run mode" by the f2 key


  • Program Screen Size:  1180 by 782 Pixels... ensure that your screen will display something this large
  • Number of Data Lines PDF max - At one time = 200 max. I generally use 50 or less... one PDF page or so
  • Expense Categories Max?  500 scan tests on description or debit or credit amounts to assign categories to. You set up the category search information - then it becomes automatic on load. Yes, it takes practice to get it high and accurate
  • Data Transfer Type:  While it is designed to accept Qif files input or output them, not many database software items take Qif files any more. The newer Quicken programs did not take Qif files. So the main transfer is via computer clipboard.


PROGRAM RIGHTS - Downloading or usage of this program means that the user agrees that all public distribution rights remain solely with the owner of rpsoft2000 software, and that any public distribution without permission is an infringement on the rights of the owner.  Feel free, however, if you like this program, to give others the link to www.rpsoft2000.com software.

Please respect the written copyrights of others, and please do not simply copy written material from others and claim it to be your own.  This responsibility is of course up to you to ensure.

USER AREA LIMITATION - This particular software language will load into the "user" area of your computer and not into the program area.  We ourselves found this only to be an issue at startup, but of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  There are startup instructions below in Loading Note2.


Programmer Agrees:  That there is no internet checking, adware, spyware, viruses or other malware associated with this download given here that were placed in there by the programmer.  Only the standard Microsoft packaging of program and needed resources was used.

User Agrees Before Downloading: That they have read, understand and agree with the above cautions about program rights, copyrights and copyrighted images.

IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD NOTE:  Mozilla Firefox downloaded this easily.  Chrome issued a warning and I had to go to the bottom left screen, then find a far right arrow on their warning to open up options, and choose "keep." in order for it not to discard the file. It was not hard to get around the Chrome issue.

Loading Note2:  I now find it best to just get rid of the old program - if you have loaded an earlier version of this before.  That will generally create a new icon (of a camera) and listing for you under programs.  To eliminate the old, just go to your control panel and look for uninstall, and then the program name by rpsoft 2000 publisher, or similar.  Then load the new version and you should get an icon.  :)  Because of this, this will be the only loading instructions given for this file.  You should get an icon if you eliminate any old versions of this program.

Chrome Download Note: Was hard on this file, even though this program was written in a Microsoft Language. Chrome first advised not to download it, saying the Publisher could not be verified. But then an arrow to the right allowed a download. Only... Chrome did not say that it was downloaded. But when I looked in the download location, there is was, but did not have a "zip" file ending. Hmmm.  So I modified the type of file to "zip" - and unzipped it, and then the program loaded - of course with more warnings. Lol. But then was fine. Since I needed categories, I loaded them from a normal location where I also store category information I made for safety. Then once I loaded it, tab delim text file, I then used "Save categores for Usage" which uses the correct file name and the correct location - which is the same location as the program. What is the program location? It should be listed on the top of the program after the title ... which should also be the locaton that program began in while loading. Sorry for any inconvenience. As above, since I control not only the program but this website, I guaranteee no viruses included. And yes, I download from these locations myself in order to test.

  I Agree !  Download the Zip File (6.8 Meg) - Right Click to Download  
Note:  I truly hope that you enjoy this program.  I myself use this program during tax season and love it