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Windows:  XP, Windows 7,8

  rpsoft2000 Tutor Software Program
Windows 7 and 8.1, and XP

Screen Requirements:  at least 1180 pixels wide by 700 pixels high
rpsoft2000 tutor   "Tutor"

Long ago, I recall learning that some form of flash cards helped with memorizing things, such as history dates. This is my software equivalent of the folded pages I had in those days, with questions on one side and answers on another.  But in this case, each answer can be displayed or hidden by a button, something my folded paper could not do.
  rpsoft2000 Tutor Software Program  
Some Sample Study Aids for Download "Tab Delimited Text Data" - What is it?



It has 3 columns of data - all required for it to work.  Think of a spreadsheet with three columns and no blanks lines from top to bottom.  The first item is the category of the question to give the person an idea of boundaries.  Even if you do not wish to have categories, it must be filled with something.  Try for 13 or 14 characters or less or so.  The next item of course is the actual question, followed by the answer.  In real usage, you would only see the category and the question for each line.  As you say the question to yourself, and then the answer you believe, then click the button between question and answer to see the real answer that you had written.


Instructions included.  However, it might be easiest to begin with a spreadsheet, and then just do the three columns and save it as a "tab delimited text file" that most spreadsheets seem to do.  That an then be loaded.  Or if you do not have a spreadsheet, you might use this program itself after using "Make New" command under file.  We think at least starting with a spreadsheet is easier for us, although we do edit the data inside this program.  Either way, this tutor program uses "tab-delimited" text files saved by a spreadsheet, word processor, or this program.

DEFINITION -"tab delimited"

What does "tab delimited text file mean?"  The word delimited tells how data is separated.  Tab delimited files are common for spreadsheets.  Think of there being 3 items of data per line:  category, question and answer.  There would be a tab space separating the category and question, and another tab space separating the question and answer.  And after the answer one would hit the enter key for a word processor and go to the next line.  So three items of data, and those 3 items of data per line are separated by tab spaces.  This is common for spreadsheets.  Why tab and not CSV, Comma Separated Values?  Well, sometimes we note that people like to use commas in the question or answer, and so tabs are safer, and are also more common for some spreadsheet usages.

Yellow Buttons on Left for Fast Control

  • Yellow Buttons - Set up new questions and answers by going up to the top starting point, or down a bit at a time to the bottom ending line.
  • Red and Green Buttons - These buttons in one press, can display and show all answers on this page of 20 questions and answers, or hide them all.  Note that if showing all answers, if you index up or down, the answers will again hide.
  • Blue Button -  If you edit or add and wish to save (no blank lines, no blank spaces till the end) it is a two step process.  After you edit or add something to each "page" (the 20 questions currently showing) press this blue button to put them into the program memory.  From time to time, and definitely at the end when done, you must also save the whole file to memory to save your work, using the upper "File" pull down menu to find the save routine.
  • Gray Area = FONT Changes- If you keep the category under say 13 or so characters, and the questions and answers perhaps under 45 characters, you should be able to increase the font size or make it bold for more readability.

Top Pull Down Menus and options

General:  Used to Open or save files, but also has a number of options

  • File -  Allows you to "Open" a tab delimited file saved by a spreadsheet, this program or other.  Also allows you to save edited or new version "tab delimited" file from this program. 
  • Make New - is under the File menu.  It should be used to begin a new usage if you wish to enter the data yourself.
  • Edit options - "Randomize" is a high powered random feature that can put your questions and answers in a very different order.  For those nerds, yes, it uses randomize before each random number to ensure random looking results.  Of course the "Sort" option is something of the opposite, and is 2 level.  It gives priority to category sort, but then also sorts questions alphabetically.  And lastly, there is a fast go to start and end there even though yellow buttons also can do that.
  • Format - We put this in since we sometimes found odd results from some saved spreadsheet data.  It goes through all data categories, questions and answers and can remove unwanted quotes or staring spaces, and can capitalize the fist letter (if a letter is the first item), and it also can change to all small letters or capital letters.  And yes, suggesting saving the file under "File" if you like the changes you just did.
  • Help - This likely speaks for itself, but has a few onboard help screens, at least one with an image, that might answer some questions.


  • Max Lines per File: 2000, where each line has an entry for category, question and answer.  Need more?  Have more files
  • Font Size Choices - Sizes from 8 to 18 points.  If you are not too wordy, you can make font bigger and easier to read
  • Font Bold?  Choice of Font bold style or normal, for all data entries
  • Lines = Questions/Answers Per Page:  20 seen at one time.  Yellow buttons change viewing.  We use the word "page" to mean the 20 lines of data that you are looking at at one time.


  • Windows 7-  Written in Windows 7 and tested extensively.  Seems fine
  • XP - seems fine
  • Windows 8.1 - ran fine.


PROGRAM RIGHTS - Downloading or usage of this program means that the user agrees that all public distribution rights remain solely with the owner of rpsoft2000 software, and that any public distribution without permission is an infringement on the rights of the owner.  Feel free, however, if you like this program, to give others the link to www.rpsoft2000.com software.

Please respect the written copyrights of others, and please do not simply copy written material from others and claim it to be your own.  This responsibility is of course up to you to ensure.

USER AREA LIMITATION - This particular software language will load into the "user" area of your computer and not into the program area.  We ourselves found this only to be an issue at startup, but of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  There are startup instructions below in Loading Note2.


Programmer Agrees:  That there is no internet checking, adware, spyware, viruses or other malware associated with this download given here that were placed in there by the programmer.  Only the standard Microsoft packaging of program and needed resources was used.

User Agrees Before Downloading: That they have read, understand and agree with the above cautions about program rights, copyrights and copyrighted images.

IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD NOTE:  Mozilla Firefox downloaded this easily.  Chrome issued a warning and I had to go to the bottom left screen, then find a far right arrow on their warning to open up options, and choose "keep." in order for it not to discard the file. It was not hard to get around the Chrome issue.

Loading Note2:  I now find it best to just get rid of the old program - if you have loaded an earlier version of this before.  That will generally create a new icon (of a camera) and listing for you under programs.  To eliminate the old, just go to your control panel and look for uninstall, and then the program "rpsoft 2000rtf word processor" by rpsoft 2000 publisher, or similar.  Then load the new version and you should get an icon.  :)  Because of this, this will be the only loading instructions given for this file.  You should get an icon if you eliminate any old versions of this program.

  I Agree !  Download the Zip File (0.83 Meg) - Right Click to Download  
Note:  I truly hope that you enjoy this program.  I myself use this program often