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rpsoft2000 "CADDY"

a Password Controller

Windows:  XP, Windows 7,8

  rpsoft2000 Caddy, Password Control Software Program  
Caddy screen during edit   Caddy

DESCRIPTION – Saves user names, passwords, web urls (optional), and then can do auto fill with some user names and passwords.   Also auto fill for one www address at a time.  Includes some security measures.  Up to 30 setups can be had for one file.  But … you can have multiple files.


SECURITY HELP – (1) Golf theme used (2) Optional startup password (3) Simple scramble of saved files for English alphabet  and numbers (4) Odd extension for saved files (5) in Run mode, only shows subjects and not user names nor passwords

SETTINGS (top menu) – Use Save Settings Now to save your work.  Use “location also” option to set a far right location to use when you press “move only” . Use “also start code” after you fill in the password text box to save the startup password (but not location)

Caddy Composite of four screen states   4 Stages of Caddy Screens

STARTUP – Optional startup password to see more; if none? just click the “enter” key
BEGIN and RUN – “Run” options show after correct password. You can choose “Move me” button to get it in an arranged place, or do Edit.
EDIT – You can edit any of 30 items to the left one at a time, by clicking them. Or if none there, the program may show in red the next one open
IN USAGE – The program must share the screen with the object it is trying to fill and not be on top of that object. “Move me” button can help. In the right lower image, the program is off to the right just showing commands. When ready, click the place on the target program for your caddy to fill. When ready, then right mouse click for an optional www url address, or left mouse click the selection for user name and password.
HIGHLIGHT needed? This software may highlight for you if your cursor is in the right box of the object program. Try it. Of course highlighting by yourself is also fine, especially if the website boxes do not accept the "ctrl a" command that we send.
  rpsoft2000 Software Caddy Password Control Program  

HOW DOES IT WORK? – Many websites and other fill in places allow a tab to go between user name and password.  And if that is the case you need, this program can send the name, then a tab after a delay and then a password. You can also check a box to send an “enter” key automatically at the end if you wish.  Some websites when they see the enter key will then begin after checking.  For website www urls, this program will show a “@ “ in front of the button name if you have stored a website url.  That must be done separately from name and password.  Left click the object password, and then right mouse click the selection.  Left mouse click is to send names and passwords.  (note – command names must be changed under “Edit.”  “Run” names (left) are locked.)


WHAT IF THAT DOES NOT WORK? – Go into edit.  Clicking the label name (not the entry box) for name, password, url or even button name, will send that info to the computer clipboard.  Then just put your mouse where you wish it, and use “ctrl v” to paste it. 


  • Name & Password Combinations per file - 30.  Unlimited files of 30 each since they can be loaded and saved
  • Details for each of 30:  - Stored data for each of the 30 includes if desired, www url, user name, password, and whether or not to use the "enter key" at the end of user name and password - which can be different for each case
  • Characters Not Allowed -  The only control characters I use, and therefore you cannot use, are tab and carriage return /line feed.  Any others acceptable are fine if acceptable to Microsoft Operating Systems.
  • Other Settings  - There are two delay settings that you can change and will be stored.  They are for initial delay to let the program exit and become invisible, and also the tab delay - the time between user name and password sends.  You can also check a box for each item individually to send "enter" when done with user name and password, since some web sites watch for that and simply then go onto the next stage.


  • Auto Highlight - On the target screen, where you wish the url or user name to go, you should not have to highlight the old information there.  However, of course highlighting by you of the text currently there is also okay.
  • Fast Move to Work Area:  - Since this program must share the computer screen with the program you are targeting and not be on top of it, you can in the upper pull down menu under settings choose "save location also" and save the location you are currently at - perhaps at the far right of your computer screen with just the "run" buttons showing.  Then pressing the "Move Me" button takes you there for usage, perhaps this time now, but all of the next startup times - till changed.
  • Alternate Method -  If a website does not allow auto fill in of user name and password by tab between them, as mentioned above, you can go into edit and click the label names for the items (not the boxes) and send that information individually to the computer clipboard.  Then you can click your mouse where you wish the data, and use ctrl-v to paste.
  • HELP Screen  - Of course.  Under "Help" in the above pull down menu.


  • Windows 7-  Written in Windows 7 and tested extensively.  Seems fine
  • XP - No problems noted in some quick tests on XP
  • Windows 8.1 - It actually ran fine - once Windows let it run.  It twice said it had blocked a program from starting that could be trouble??  Twice I looked for something on their warning that allowed me to run anyway, and did run it anyway.  It did give me an icon and after running the program a few times it stopped with the warnings.  It then listed the program under "apps" as a new item.  I am always amused when Microsoft stops a program from running that was running in a Microsoft language and packaged using Microsoft software.  Well, hopefully this will not bother other users.


PROGRAM RIGHTS - Downloading or usage of this program means that the user agrees that all public distribution rights remain solely with the owner of rpsoft2000 software, and that any public distribution without permission is an infringement on the rights of the owner.  Feel free, however, if you like this program, to give others the link to www.rpsoft2000.com software.

BACKUPS - Please be careful with your data which can be hard work to get it.  Ensure you press "Save Settings Now" under Settings at the top menu to save it.  Ensure that if you have more than one file, that you do not write over the wrong one.  To help keep this all safe, I also suggest copying your files and saving them also in another location.  If worried about having a second copy of even scrambled passwords on your computer concerns you, then please do backups on a USB thumb drive and take it off the computer and save it somewhere else.  The files will not take up much space. W

USER AREA LIMITATION - This particular software language will load into the "user" area of your computer and not into the program area.  We ourselves found this only to be an issue at startup, but of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  There are startup instructions below in Loading Note2.


Programmer Agrees:  That there is no internet checking, adware, spyware, viruses or other malware associated with this download given here that were placed in there by the programmer.  Only the standard Microsoft packaging of program and needed resources was used.

User Agrees Before Downloading: That they have read, understand and agree wtih the above cautions about program rights, and the need for backups and being careful to not save over their own files.

IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD NOTE:  Mozilla Firefox downloaded this easily.  Chrome issued a warning and I had to go to the bottom left screen, then find a far right arrow on their warning to open up options, and choose "keep." in order for it not to discard the file.  Dang programmers!  :)

Loading Note2:  I now find it best to just get rid of the old program - if you have loaded an earlier version of this before.  That will generally create a new icon (of a camera) and listing for you under programs.  To eliminate the old, just go to your control panel and look for uninstall, and then the program "rpsoft 2000 caddy" or "caddy" by rpsoft 2000 publisher, or caddy or similar.  Then load the new version and you should get an icon.  :)  Because of this, this will be the only loading instructions given for this file.  You should get an icon if you eliminate any old versions of this program.

  I Agree !  Download the Zip File (0.8 Meg) - Right Click to Download  
Note:  I truly hope that you enjoy this program.  I myself use this program often, as I do with the others here.