Windows:  XP, Windows 7,8




You do not have to create option files new for each time you load a new version of filemanager2, nor if you reload it.  This tells you how to save and reuse your files.

SAVING the Files

The option file for favorite directories to go to (customized drop down path lists) is stored as "filopt.txt."  The one for startup program icons that carries text information is stored as "filprg.txt" and its associated icon pictures will be in the same file and end in ".ico."  What same file?  The same file as your program, which will be the bottom selection item on either file size on the drop down file path box at the top of the file list for each side.

And so, we suggest as you do changes, store your personality changes in a normal file area that you can get to later for upgrades or new loads.  And please keep it up to date.  How to do that?  Just transfer the two "txt" files from your program area to your save area.  Also transfer only your program icons that end in "ico" (but not icons used by the program).  This is an oddity we found with our operating system that we do not understand.  But the program carries around with it its own stored icon of: "rpfilemager2b.ico."  As odd as this sounds (I did not write the Microsoft operating system) if you replace this icon "rpfilemager2b.ico" even with an identical one, the program seems to lose the usage of its icon and then loads an odd one.  I have no idea why.  But I no longer store and copy "rpfilemager2b.ico" or any other program icon used by filemanager2.  I let the program load deal with the program icon.

Recovering your Personalized Files

Then recovery is easy.  Just take your new running filemanager2 program and on the left side perhaps go to the new program stored area ... which should be the last and lowest item in the path box just above the left file list.  On the right side, bring up the file area where you have stored the personalized text files and unique icon files (but not "rpfilemager2b.ico" or other filemanager2 icons) and just copy them (do not move them, copy them) to your new program area.

And then ... you should have restored your hard work on personalization - the next time you program exit and then re load filemanager2.

Hope this Helps.  It is what I do.




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