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What I use it for

This software program has changed as it has gone from version 2, to 2a, and now to 2b.  So has what I use it for.  For the original version 2 program I thought of it mainly as a fast means of starting other programs or files (by associate) and also some light copy, move, paste, delete, and rename functions.  I also did very much like its photo display.  I have worked with those in the past and this one, large screen with many options, appeals to me.  But as got into 2a with sync capability the program then became at least a middle weight (my opinion) for file backups.  And then 2b added an improved sync method, bulk filename changers, and also some good safeties.  And so the power has certainly increased.

What do I use it for?  Let me give a list where I think the program now excels

  • Program Startup by double clicking programs or files, and its 30 optional icon fast startup items

  • Light duty direct highlight and copy or move and paste, or delete or rename

  • A great first level photo display, that now includes major rotate capability (90 degree increments), flip, rename, and delete

  • A medium weight level file backup system that I likely will use to the multi gigabyte backup levels.  It will not replace my automatic backup system, but the specific this directory or that backup it does great

  • A convenient bulk file rename

MORE COMPLEX PHOTO WORK - More complex photo work, such as cropping a photo to just use part of it, changing the size or dpi of the photo, adding contrast, rotating to an angle other than 90 degree increments, for all of that I use a real photo program.  As I say above, the display, the rename, delete, and rotate at 90 degree increments that this program can do is what I call a first line of defense.  The more intense photo change operations I leave to the drawing program experts.  And yes, I do use drawing programs often as well.



But most of all .. have fun with this program.


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