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(might also work on XP, 7,8,9)

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  Metric / English Conversion Calculator  
  metric conversion calculator  
  7 Different categories. Change one item and press enter into that box and the whole area gives the equivalents of the value that you pressed.  
  Mortgage Calculator  
  Mortagae Calculator  
  Simple loans on the left side. On the right is the far more common mortgage type or normal APR loan type. Change one value in a text box and press enter and it will cakulate the others. What does APR mean? Annual Percentage Rate. It is a very common loan amount used for many loans at least within the US. An APR rate of 12% is not 12% per year, since the interest is figured monthly. It is instead 1% a monthly compound interest, which is a larger number.
  ODDS Calculator  
  Odds Calculator  
  Three different categories for odds caculations. Combinations, Permutations, and a complex version for combinations.  
  World Time Calculator  
  world time calculator  
  When I first did this, I wondered if this would just be a toy. But now I find that I have used it a bit when curious what time it was when an event was happening around the world. It does caluclate daylight saving time according to the latest definitions and latest list of where used that I could find. Unfortunately, sometimes that gets modified.  
  Chinese (older) Animal Year Calculator  
  China Animal Year Calculator  
  Again perhaps mostly for fun. But sometimes tradition and customs of the old days can be fun, and these Holiday dates are still celebrated in some world places. Years from 1924 to 2043 have year timings that give the actual lunar day of year change. Other years just use the common average of Feb 5 as the average date change for the animal calendar year. Note that some women believe babies born in the Year of the Dragon might be more powerful.