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Just Some Applications for Screen Capture - there are more

In all of the below cases, best to set up the screenshot first. Size the item as you wish on the screen. As for motion pictures, recall that motion pictures are just a series of still pictures shown rapidly; however, with motion pictures you still must move forward and back to find a good one, and be able to pause it without blurring - again at the size you wish.

* Family DVD movies and mp4 movies may have our best moments. In some players, you can pause them and sometimes use this program to get a screenshot still picture. Some of my most treasured family still shots were a screenshot from a program like this of a paused movie.
* Reading an eBook and it has an illustration that you want very badly? Perhaps it is a chart of best play at cards? Take an image of the page on your computer with this program. Perhaps then use a free paint program like Microsoft Paint to print it out. Then you can take the page to Las Vegas with you and look the page over in a Vegas restaurant before the big game.
* Instructions. Sometimes the best instructions you can give someone is a picture worth a thousand words. You can begin with an image, perhaps even gotten with this screen capture program. Then size that image on a PowerPoint or similar program page and add words and arrows. When done, take an image of the whole instruction area with words, image and arrows. Now you have a jpg image you can send a friend. Note that this is exactly how the illustrated help file for this program and for many of the filemanager2 help files were done. This program used "itself" to create its help file image.
* Want an image from a YouTube, a still image of your favorite band perhaps? As in the case of the DVD, size the image, find the right image without blurring, and "take the shot."
* Is there an image on your computer that you would like to share with a friend? Perhaps it is a portion of a map or website that says something significant? Take a screen capture and send the jpg image to your friend.
* Want to send part of an item to someone, but keep most of the item private and to yourself? Perhaps part of an email you got that includes some other stuff that you wish to keep private. Perhaps it is a Facebook entry and you do not wish to give your Facebook password to another for privacy. Take a screenshot of just the information you want to transfer, and send that image to the friend, and keep your privacy.
* Does an image on your computer screen say that download is prevented and there is no right click and download? And yet this image would seem it should be copyright free and in the public domain (your decision)? Do these people know who they are playing with really? Blah ha ha ha. Anything on your screen can be captured and saved. But of course do the right thing on copyrights - also for your own protection. I have seen cases of people sued for using the wrong picture without permission in the public domain. One case was a book using an image of a model without permission on the book cover. She figured it out.
 * What about Fast Moving Movies that when you pause them put an arrow or other junk on the screen? I just resolved this one myself. I had set delay time as low as my computer would use to allow fast response. I then, while the movie was going, clicked "full screen" capture. I could then take that image to a drawing package and cut out just the portion I wished.

There are of course ... even more applications.

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