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on an Island

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Politicians on an Island Book


This book is a humor book, intended to make you smile. It is set an undisclosed distance in the future, in the USA, in order to try and not conflict with any political parties or people or issues of today. In this future USA, the political parties are now the "Bulls" and the "Bears." And for the sake of humor, they are even more extreme than today, and to say the least, do not get along. But fortunately the rules for becoming a US president are now easier. A very nice man and his family had just emigrated to the US from Asia, India in particular, and this nice man and his family wish to help out their new country, the US. And so Rajak Gandhi Patel the 35th manages to become president. But can he deal with the craziness he sees? Is the family really prepared for what they find? Will anyone help him?

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I realize that a person could ask me, the author if I have any political bent in this book. And that answer would be "no." I do not belong to any political party. I do not even go to all birthday parties that I am invited to. And more to the point, I made both parties so extreme that I certainly would not want to belong to either of these parties, and my guess is that the reader will feel the same way.

But that is getting too serious. The purpose of this book is simply humor. And my goal is to make you smile. If this book has any point at all, other than humor, it might be the good that just a few good people can accomplish, and that people accomplish more when they work together. Other than that, it is all in fun. I truly hope others will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. -Ron Plachno (author)

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