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On an Island

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Politicians on an Island  - Humor Novel, eBook


Politicians on an Island book

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Politicians on an Island - eBook

Ronald J. Plachno

The author of this book, Ronald J. Plachno, was born in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT in Chicago, and took 6 graduate courses at the University of Illinois. Beginning as the lowest level engineer, Ron worked his way up in leadership and became a VP at the Fortune 500 Motorola Corporation and later a Sr. VP at Novatel Wireless, a technology startup company in California. Ron was also listed at one time in the "Who's Who of America."



Ron has written and published three other books so far, all of them much more serious, or at least intended to be more serious, than this humor novel. But Ron has always enjoyed humor, and for example in social media, is often posting humor for others. Ron has often been a fan of humor in books and movies, and while he has written humor, this is his first humor novel.

Other books published by Ron Plachno include: "Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP," "Becoming A One Person Band," and a book on Blackjack odds and suggestions done with editing by one of his sons Ken, entitled, "The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit."

And the point of this book, this humor novel, "Politicians on an Island," is really just humor. The characters in the book are intended to be extreme characters, since that of course, is where often humor comes from. The intention of the book is to make you smile. And perhaps one of the greatest joys in life, is to enjoy it and smile and laugh. And that joy, is the purpose of this book. We truly hope that some will enjoy reading it.

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