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While I had software in college, high level and also assembler language, I began software writing in earnest over 30 years ago. My first items were for work - allowing a computer to do computer drawings and plots, and then to add up the quality output of some Manufacturing Departments. And then began the copyrights in the US Library of Congress, more than 25 years ago. Today I have 15 US Copyrights and one pending and more on the way. I have programmed in over 10 programming languages, and my favorite was machine language. These programs are not written in machine language. They are more ... respectable :)

While some find software hard on them, I found it relaxing. I was also mesmerized by trying to solve the issues. How did pac man know when he was going to go straight or when he could turn? How did the pac man ghosts always get back to the center? And yes I did my own pac man game but for obvious reasons, I could not sell it. But just the same, it did in fact amuse me. At the time I liked my graphics better than Atari, but I did agree Atari had better sound effects. And yes my program had sound effects, just not as good as Atari. And then came a blackjack game - how to make cards twirl in the air but always land in the right spot? And a 3D race game, how can one make buildings and trees grow larger and move on the sides of the road? How do cars get bigger and smaller as they go from close to you to far away? No one ever taught me those things. But I find they are not hard to figure out if one enjoys logic and brain teasers, and I do enjoy some of that.

One might ask what does a Blackjack Game have to do with a Music chord program to do with a set of math calculators? A lot actually. They all have to do with simple math, something I enjoy. Music chords have a mathematical base .. mostly. Blackjack has been broken by computer simulations and I also did it twice - one on the Commodore and later on the PC. And of course the answers were similar. Math is Math.

No. I do not believe that I ever wrote a program intending to sell it at the start. I write software programs when I feel something is missing is the items currently for sale. Some missing features, or some rules that make the program less useable. So I write software to "fill in the blanks" of where I see the world. And after I am done, sometimes I think others may be interested and so I might offer it for sale through a great associate of mine who does downloads for customers on the web. Is this approach good or bad for quality? Well, starting out trying to please myself, at least there are some rules, some drive for a quality level. If a person just does something for sales, do they really care enough how the program works? And so, I release no software programs unless I personally am happy with what they do. If something annoys me ... it gets fixed.

We are all different human beings. If you do not believe that and are not in sales yet, try going into some sales. You will indeed find that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - or in this case, the customer. Some customers may think like me at least just a little and hopefully like the software that is being sold here at low prices. But of course not everyone will be happy. I would love everyone to be happy, but again, we are all different people.

Again, we are all different people. I admit to being very left brained. So accurate functionality is what I seek the most. That does not mean that no errors are possible, just that avoiding errors and giving you the best truth I can is my goal. The metrics calculator for example, those metric to English math factors I checked many times. If they are wrong, at least know that I tried quite hard, and also to use the best definition. The best play charts in the blackjack game were not made up by me or copied. They were my results from programming a fine blackjack simulator, playing billions of hands, and then much time analyzing results. Little here was thrown together. Most was checked out as good as I could do it. That is what left brained people do, ha ha. I am not saying no errors are possible, let us just say that I went to some extremes to avoid them, and likely more than most would.

As for ... what is the point? I hate drudgery. I would often rather take a week to write a software program to do something automatically for me rather than spend 48 hours doing the same boring task. Ho hum. So I also write softare to get away from drudgery.

I truly hope that if you buy or use any of our products that you will enjoy them and get something from them. I certainly use them a lot, and also enjoy them, and hope others will as well.

- owner /software author at rpsoft 2000 software






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