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The Complete

Blackjack Survival Kit

eBook (epub, pdf)



The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit - eBook


The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit - eBook


"The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit" uses more than 16 billion of computer simulated hands of Blackjack (the Game of "21") to find best play complete with tables. And those tables and odds not only include one deck and six deck examples, but also some newer casino games such as 6:5 Blackjack, Super Fun Blackjack, Spanish 21 and more. The book and its math go further and use math and high speed computer simulation to examine betting and staking strategies. But perhaps the most unique part of this book, that we say makes it "complete", is that it then uses statistics to see what all this means.

Can you get rich even if you put the odds in your favor?

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The author has simulated the game of Blackjack twice using computers. The first time in 1984 using Commodore computers, that actually did the job, but of course were slower. The author then programmed a new far faster simulator for use on multiple high speed Windows computers and ran many more simulations that have become the basis for this book. All work in this book was done independently. Some of the basics you will likely already know or have read, since "math is math". However, I find no one with the exact same tables. And I certainly find no book I have read that reached the same conclusions about the real chances of winning. That might be because in this case, we simulated not only the game - but also the odds of winning in short periods of play.

This book of course does not guarantee that you can be a winner in Blackjack and make money. It might though give you perspective and explain why your neighbor has not yet quit his job and moved to Las Vegas. But of course in the middle of all of this, it gives help that some of us can used to improve and also have fun. I also found a few things from the simulations that surprised me as well.  - Ron Plachno (author)

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