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The Complete

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Author Information

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Author Information


Ronald J. Plachno

The author of this book, Ronald J. Plachno, was born in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT in Chicago, and took 6 graduate courses at the University of Illinois. Beginning as the lowest level engineer, Ron worked his way up in leadership and became a VP at the Fortune 500 Motorola Corporation and later a Sr. VP at Novatel Wireless, a technology startup company in California. Ron was also listed at one time in the "Who's Who of America".



The math demands of engineering combined with being part of Division leadership financials combined with Motorola's drive into six sigma quality made for an excellent math background that Ron was able to directly apply to this book. Also the growth of computers in technical Manufacturing led Ron to want to learn how they worked and he began writing software about 1982 as a hobby and has done it often since then - including the start of his own small software company. With enjoyment at Blackjack on vacations, it perhaps was not odd that a math background, software background and blackjack background joined together to interest Ron to software simulate the game both in about 1984 and then more recently with Windows PC computers.

I believe it is not that common that the same person who writes the software Blackjack simulator also is at times a Blackjack player and also is the one writing the book. But that gives the person some insight into what in the math is important, and what is not. As for the motive in writing this book, the motive is simply to tell the truth as best as can be determined from the math and simulations. Yes, promising one that they can be a winner may sell more books, but is that the real truth?

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