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One of the reasons that I do software for my own usage is that I hate drudgery. In fact, if faced with 3 days of drudgery work, I might prefer to spend 5 days writing software to do much of the work for me. It is a simple preference for me. Then I have that software if I need it again. And so, some of the software differences here between the more complex shareware and some of this freeware is a difference in time. One of the shareware software items is on its 166th version. Another is now over 200 versions. I could claim that some of them were inspired by work I did years ago, and so they are many years in the making. However, some of the free items here could be 3 versions or 30 versions. These items are generally less complex than the shareware. However, I still believe that some of these items below are time savers and I love them. As for the icon maker below, it was used to make most icons of our latest software. We would perhaps make a ".png" type image in a drawing package of 64 by 64 pixels. Then we would save it and then have this file convert it to an icon.
First read the Rules, Download Issues, Liability Exclusion, then View the Information below to see if you are interested in any of the software shareware items, and, if so, then Agree with Rules ... and then  Download. The exception to the rules of course for items we consider "free" is that we do not expect customers to pay anything if they decide to keep it. However, any donation will help this site stay avaialable for these and perhaps new products as well..
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Can load an image and then convert it to an icon, with icon size being selected as you wish. Note that starting with a ".png" format can allow transparency in the icon as shown in the png picture file.    Have you ever had a time when you seemed to be writing and rewriting the same phrases? This simple program can let you store up to 10 phrases at a time, websites, file locations, your name and address, or more and then a click of the far left button puts the far right info on the clipboard, for to to use with "ctrl v". You can save files and load them later for more occassions. 
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Let us say that are downloading New Years photos for your family that someone put in a cloud for you to download, but you want your own names for the tiems as you download each. In this simple software, change "item" perhaps to "New Years 2019" or so, ensure the counter is at 0000, press "Clipboard" button to put the first item on the clipboard. Then when downloading, just use "ctrl v" to paste the name you gave it. Then press "next" to sequence to the next number, 0001, then 0002, putting that on the computer clipboard.     Some websites that require a name and a password can be handled directly by this program. With up to 30 items per file, when you press a button, it might be able to send the name and password for a site that you are in order to start it up. In addition, the file saved is at least slightly scrambled when stored for each file to make it less vulvernable to casual readers. Also, you have as many files as you wish, 30 items each, with one main one that you might put in the program location for usage at startup.
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