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Simply Right Mouse Click on the eBook you wish to download and click on "Save Link as.." (or something similar).  These books are done in .epub format. At least for PC Type Computers and Android Tablets, there are free .epub eBook readers available also online for download to read these. Description of the excerpts below each book picture.

Excerpts Starting or Improving your Business   Excerpts from Logic, Science, God, Human Intelligence
Starting or Imporving Your Business - Excerpts
The book has seven sections where the last 6 are help for business startup or improvement. This excerpt is for the first section which discusses the free enterprise system, in perhaps a way that few others describe it.
  Logic, Science, God and Human Intelligence - Excerpts
The excerpts of this book include one chapter from the first section on human knowledge, then the first chapter in the second section on Science and then the first chapter on the third section of asking if there is a Deity. The idea was to give something of a selection of what is inside. 
Excerpts from Complete Blackjack Survival Kit    Excerpts from Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP 
The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit - Excerpts
A number of good books will tell you how to avoid bad mistakes and perhaps even put the odds in your favor. But this book also includes the statistics on how easy or hard it might be to get rich from that, or whether the game should just be played mostly for fun while losing little or none. 
  Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP - Excerpts
None of us were born knowing everything. We learn from others as we learn also how to sort knowledge and what works and what does not. This book covers the best strategies in business that I had learned from some of the best I saw while on the way to getting 12 or more promotions over time. 
Excerpts from Becoming a One Person Band    Excerpts from Politicians on an Island 
Becoming a One Person Band - Excerpts
More about the techniques than the electronic setup, since it would seem that choice of recording system will often vary depending on a person's tastes and budget. But if we are doing a 12 piece band song, what parts do we play? What notes are valid? This is what I learned. 
  Politicians on an Island - Excerpts 
The first four chapters of this novel that I did just for the sake of humor. It is set an undisclosed distance in the future in the attempt to not offend anyone currently, or at least hopefully to foeend no one. And it is meant to be humor, only.


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