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Starting or Improving Your Business

eBook (epub, pdf)



Starting or Improving Your Business - eBook


Starting or Improving Your Business

Starting or Improving Your Business - eBook

Perhaps Starting your own Business is the American Dream, or more fully, a dream held by many throughout the world. What should one think about before beginning? What is there to check and to watch out for? What items are important? How does one set goals that could be, might be, lead someday to being able to pay the bills? Many basics are discussed in this book.

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This book also includes information for some improvement methods for businesses already established, including very large ones like the Fortune 500 company this author was a Vice President in. But oddly, having worked in very large companies billions per year in sales, and then small start up companies, it seemed often that the issues are similar. Now this book is mostly about the basics and no one can guarantee that they can make you rich. However, it might help you survive into getting to the next stage and then allow you to learn more that might in fact take you further.

- Ron Plachno (author)


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