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Perhaps timing is everything, but if you are already using a specific software program of ours and have sent us the shareware fee, feel free to download any upgrades that you see below without the need to pay a second time. Of course, if you wish to contribute to this low cost business, we would not object. And so perhaps, free upgrades as long as the timing works.

Please note, however, that to load a new version of a program that your operating system may require you to remove the last version. This for windows is generally under the Control Panel to uninstall. Try to save any data from that program, if there is such a thing, somewhere else on your computer for safety such as a database for example before switching to the new one.

THE UPGRADES - WHAT IS NEW? (in order of change, latest is the last)

Before the 2019 restartup

  • Calculator Ensemble - All new

  • Screen Capture - added ability to shoot multiple images before the save

  • Filemanager2b - Updated the Program Icon display for better images. Some small other modifications

  • Caddy - separated location and password change from the overall save, and updated to latest software language



After the 2019 Startup:

  • Screen Capture - vs 31 - Oct 3, 2019 - changed pciture preview to show correct photo dimenstions, and add auto start checked for multiple images and set it to 15 photos, which seemed to be a common setting, at least for us
  • Filemanager2b - vs 208 - Oct 4,2019 - modified software to have less chance to tie up loaded picture files from computer memory. Also added reverse numbering option for sequencing file names
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