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Blackjack of course is the name of the "game of 21".  In this game, face cards count as ten points as do the 10 cards.  Aces can count as either 1 point or 11 points - whichever is more favorable to the player.  The other cards are at their normal face value in points.  The simple object would seem to be to get as close to 21 as possible.  However, a blackjack master would tell you that the real goal is to beat the dealer.  if the dealer has a good card, then you must also try for a good hand.  If the dealer's card is not very good, then wisdom might say that it is best to not take many chances.

The term "blackjack" also means receiving 21 points on the first two cards dealt.  This can only be done if one card is an ace (counted as 11 points) and a ten valued card - a ten or face card.

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If trying to learn the game of blackjack or trying to improve at it, one good alternative is the low priced software blackjack game for windows shown below and linked to below.  The game can be played at home for fun with no pressure - and the game also instructs by allowing you to view blackjack tables for the more popular blackjack games.  Using these tables, you can choose to use the information on them if you wish. The information is the mathematical answer to which play is the best one for the cards dealt.



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Blackjack book   Book: The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit (click for info)
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Does this book tell you how to win? No. It does tell you how you might get the odds in your favor, and gives some strategy tables for some of the more common blackjack games played in casinos. It also tries to explain using math and simulations why getting the odds in your favor may indeed improve your play, but why no one we know of can guarantee winning all of the time.

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