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In the game of Blackjack, the term card counting means keeping track of cards that are dealt, so the player knows the "health" - some information about the value of the cards remaining to be dealt.  Does it have an impact?  Absolutely - that is of course if the blackjack game has a memory and is being dealt from a held deck of cards or non-continuous-shuffling shoe.  A continuous shuffling shoe that is becoming common in many places, continuously shuffles the cards not in play and can make card counting meaningless - since the deck no longer "has a memory".  The deck simply starts over from the beginning - a new shuffle - for every hand.  One of the makers of continuous card shufflers does make the claim that it stops card counters cold.  It mostly would be that effective.  There is a little bit of knowledge of the cards on the table, but that is not likely enough to make much of a difference.

If the casino is not using a continuous card shuffler, does card counting work?  The answer would be yes of course.  Any time that a player has inside knowledge on the coming odds it is helpful.  Consider that instead of a blackjack game, it was a horse race, and that 10 horses were available, but only 5 would race.  Consider that most of the public does not know which 5 will race - but consider that one player does.  That player  would have an advantage - since that player would know which five of those horses will not be the one to win.

Card counters are often called "advantage players" since they have an advantage in the game.

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In the below advertised rpsoft 2000 blackjack game, the game while being fun, is also quite realistic.  If one wished to card count and wanted to practice, this blackjack game, though low priced, is a great alternative.  We went through a lot of work to ensure that the cards dealt match the odds of a real blackjack deck being dealt.  If this seems simple, it is not.  Many card games simply use what we call a "random number generator" to generate the value of the next card.  But our own mathematical analysis showed that this simple approach in fact does not match a real card deck being dealt.  The software for the game below was started over three times until we had the right formula for matching a real deck.


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