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In the game of Blackjack, the term "odds" means the chances that a player has to win at a game.  There are different ways of talking about odds, but the remark 50:50 odds means that the player and the house have about the same chance of winning.  Another way of stating odds is in terms of advantage or disadvantage.  For example, if one were to say that roulette odds (US version with 0  and 00) are 5.26% against the player, then one would expect that for every $100 (on the average) that a player bets, that the player would lose $5.26.  As a public service, rpsoft 2000 software has collected some of the more common game odds - and have research some of them ourselves - and have posted them on our best bets page that you can reach by clicking here.

Of course a key phrase in the above is "on the average".  For anyone who has gambled knows that for brief periods of time that luck (chance) has often as much or more to do with winning or losing for a short period of play than the odds themselves.



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Does this book tell you how to win? No. It does tell you how you might get the odds in your favor, and gives some strategy tables for some of the more common blackjack games played in casinos. It also tries to explain using math and simulations why getting the odds in your favor may indeed improve your play, but why no one we know of can guarantee winning all of the time.

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