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A Left Hand Chord is not really a separate kind of a chord, but merely one that for keyboard instruments is played with the left hand, or for stringed instruments is fingered with the right hand and strummed or picked with the left hand.

For keyboard instruments, chords or a series of notes based on chords are sometimes played with the left hand while the right hand plays the melody of the song in higher pitched notes that tend to stand out a little bit more.

For stringed instruments, yes, left handed guitars and left handed bases and other stringed instruments do exist.  One very famous left handed base player was Paul McCartney from the Beatles.  It is sometimes hard to find chord information that deals with left handed stringed instruments directly.  However, the musicord software for windows that is show below, does it simply as an option.


Now Available !  Musicord Version 3 software for Windows
Shows chords and chord fingerings for
Keyboard and many stringed instruments

screen shot of musicord software showing left handed guitar

(note: actual screen size is larger in usage)

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