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  Common Sense vs The World   
  Common Sense vs the World - A look at our "Information Age" with some ideas on how to try to find truth from simple advertising. A book for Open Minded People with a thirst for knowledge.
  Starting or Imporving Your Business   
  Starting or Improving Your Business - Gives suggestions on how to plan a startup business and what is important, and perhaps how to set goals to reach profit, where profit means ability to pay your bills. It also gives ideas for improvement. It covers some examples in tiny businesses to large corporate divisions, based on the experiences and learning of the author.  
  POLITICIANS ON AN ISLAND - A Humor Novel all in fun about a future US of America, where the new Political Parties do not get along. A new immigrant to the US comes to America, and loves it and becomes president, and tries to fix the craziness.  
  BECOMING A ONE PERSON BAND - This book focuses on some of the things to think about for a home recording studio. Since there are many ways to combine recording equipment, this book focuses more on music theory, and "Perhaps what Notes to Play."  
  STRATEGIES I LEARNED BECOMING A V.P. - This book tries to share the learning that I received at Motorola during the early days of the wild Cellular Expansion. I was taught many things by many people and many sources. This shares what I learned.  
  THE COMPLETE BLACKJACK SURVIVAL KIT - This book with editing by Ken Plachno, covers the results from billions of hands of computer simulated Blackjack. It gives best play tables, and tries to separate some common myths from the math.  
  Logic Science God and Human Intelligence   
  LOGIC SCIENCE GOD AND HUMAN INTELLIGENCE -  A book that begins with an open mind, and first does research and tries to list in the first two sections, "What is it that we humans think we know?" And after that does get into some theories trying to use logic of where to go from there.  
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