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  Download Rules and Information:  

Before downloading, ensure that you agree with the Rules and Liability Exclusion required, since that is our requirement before downloading our items. If you do a download, that means that you agree. Please also note that that same Rules reference also gives a guide to download difficulties that you might encounter, and are well worth reading.

Two versions of download possibilities are available for each program depending on your needs and desires. One is the "zip" file version where you would go inside of that zip file and start up the loading by double clicking or otherwise opening "setup.exe" inside. The other alternative offered is an "exe" file which is a self extracting zip file. In that case if your browser and all allows you to download that file, then double clicking or starting up that file itself turns it into a self extracting zip file. Right click the zip file or self extracting exe file as you wish for the download for the program that you want.

The download file will be in blue and underlined if it is currently available.

General Advice -

  • Right Click the File you wish and use "Save Link As" - or similar type worded choice
  • Some browsers may try to stop the download. If Chrome does that, it will usually have an area in the lower left that allows you to continue downloading. WE did not see an issue with Mozilla, but of couse, either or both can change at a future date.
  • Depending on your virus scan software, you might have to disable it for this download. But I would not do that unless you can see that is what is stopping the download. I use just Windows Defender which comes with Windows 10 Operating System, and it had no issue.
  • If during load, if the operating system asks you, it is often best to keep the latest sub file if that is what your computer is currently using.
rpsoft 2000 Software Program zip file self extracting exe file
Musicord zip file self extracting exe file
Filemanager2b zip file self extracting exe file
Screen Capture zip file self extracting exe file
RTF Composer (ronwp2) zip file self extracting exe file
Calculator Ensemble zip file self extracting exe file



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