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  When we speak of Shareware here for our Software programs, we mean the following:

  • Free to Download and Try, as long as you agree to our rules and liabilities statement in full
  • If you are successful in the download, and have tried the software program and wish to keep it, we ask that you return here and pay the small amount per software program requested. It is smaller in amount than we have sold other software and we believe it is more than fair. The amount currently is $3.99 each for the software in this group.
  • Single User License - While some software companies restrict usage to a single computer, we do not. Perhaps the reason is that I always want the right to use the program on my home desktop computer and a laptop that travels with me. And I wish our customers to have that same ability. Of course each user should pay separately for that privilege.
  • Software that is used by customers and not paid for, will be considered by us to be in violation of our rights and our copyright in the US Library of Congress, whether we choose to take action or not
  • No distribution is allowed unless by written agreement from our owner. This is not only to protect ourselves, but also to prevent downloads from others which might be unsafe or contain adware or worse.
  • We believe from our tests that our software will work on Windows only computers from XP , through Window 7, 8 and 10. We did not verify all cases
  • Upgrades -  at times we might upgrade our software. We will likely add some website information notes that tell what has been upgraded lately, which programs, and what the upgrades do. No, we do not ask more money for upgrades. Pay once, and if we give an upgrade, take that as well. However, note for upgrades, that Windows sometimes demands that we users delete the old program in Windows Control Panel before installing a new one.
  • FREE? From time to time, we might have a free section for simple software and possibly even for eBooks. In those cases, we do not demand the payment we ask for in other programs. However, all of the other rules and liabilities will apply as normal.
  Yes there likely will be download issues. Over time both internet browsers and virus checkers on our computers have become more wary and concerned about viruses and adware. The problem that they have, it seems to me, though, is that they have little way of telling which is safe. And therefore it seems that browsers and some virus checkers will try and stop the small software companies from downloading, but instead allow larger names to be unaffected. This does not actually bring safety since we are well aware that some large well known names include adware or extra programs that you may not wish into the downloads. As we say here, we allow only the program into the download and its needed files.

And so, some browsers may warn you about not downloading the software. However, some of those browsers may have a place on the download screen that allows you to bypass that warning. I noted that at least on one browser, that over ride function was in the lower left. Another person told me that they had to shut off their virus checker to download the software. It is of course up to you, the user, to decide whom you wish to trust. We can only do the best we can and give you the best information that we know how. The very best to you regardless of what you choose to do.

Also note that some of our newer software programs will load into the computer "User" area instead of the program areas. That is a choice from the Microsoft Loader for our software that we seem to have no choice on. And often, the program cannot be moved. Some of our programs that load into the user area however, might indicate on the form title where they are located or have a help function that give the location where the software program was loaded. Our Filemanager 2b program on the left file screen drop down box we believe also may have that location where the program is loaded as a quick access file goto possibility.

As for icons, oddly our older programs such as Musicord may not put an icon on the desktop, but you can locate it within the file directories perhaps under rpsoft2000 or rpsoft_2000 or the like. Our newer software most often includes an icon for startup that can also be right clicked and added to the computer taskbar.


  All Liability associated with these programs must be borne by the user in total with no liability offered by us, the website, company, the software writer and or the distrbutor. If you object to this, please do not download. We are not a rich company. We are a small company asking for very little money for a lot of effort on our parts. That makes this website as much or more of a hobby than a business. We write Software programs that we want ourselves. And then we decide to share... but then only share, shareware, to nice people.

However, what we do state is that these software programs are all written in a Microsoft Language and we exclusively use Microsoft loaders as is. We add no viruses or adware or anything other than the program and its needed files into the download package. This is one of the reasons that we control distribution of our software. We are concerned about safety.

However, please note that any software program that can modify or delete files might bring damage to computer files if not used properly and carefully. This is especially true of our File Manager2b Software which direcly allows file changes. It is totally up to the user, a responsibility that must be accepted by the user, to be careful, and also to save files that are important to an important backup separate backup system, and also to think before deleting items. And please note that items deleted by our File Manager do not go to the recycle bin, but in fact are deleted.

On the plus side of this, some of us who are careful prefer in some cases to not use the recycle bin if we are certain of what we are doing, since the recycle bin then makes file delete a two step work process. It is always best to backup important data to another drive, or cloud, or elsewhere, before any modification.

In addition, the program File Manager2b contains backup help routines that I myself frequently use to save items and love those features. So if used correctly, File Manager and the other programs can be safe and a great help, as I have found them to be. But repsonsibility to watch what we are doing does rest solely with the user.



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