Windows:  XP, Windows 7,8

  rpsoft2000 Screen Capture Software Program  
Screen Capture Program   Screen Capture

A simple program really, but one that we use a lot.  This program can take a "photo" of images on your windows computer screen, either full screen or by you defining an area.  The area adjust is shown  below.  Those are the two buttons and choices for "IN" shown in the image on the left.

After receiving the image, it should be displayed in a below picture box such that you ensure that this is really what you want.  Then the two "OUT" buttons give you a choice of "Save" for saving it to your computer file system at a place you decide, or "Clipboard" and puts the image only on the computer clipboard for you to retrieve with a drawing package of your choice.

For save options, the first drop down box shown on the figure high left says "jpg" which is the normal setting.  If you click on the option arrow on the right of that box, you can also save the image as a "bmp" or "png" style.
Area for Screen Capture   Area Capture

If for "IN" you press the "Full Screen" button then the software will do the work for you and select the entire screen.  It will then show that image in the picture box for you to decide on "OUT" - whether to save it or to send it to the computer clipboard.

But if you choose the "Set Area" button, then you will see an image as you see here on the left.  Grab the semi- transparent square near its top in the darkened area and set it to the left top of the area you wish to save.  Then when it is in place, then stretch the lower right corner to cover the image.  And yes, the full rectangle including the top darker portion, defines the area.  The area will be square even though this semi transparent rectangle has rounded corners.
  rpsoft2000 Software Screen Capture Software Program  

Click here to view some common applications (usage) for such a program



  • Full Screen - captures the image of the entire screen.  This might be a good option for those who wish to use a drawing package to cut more precisely around the image desired.
  • Set Area - Allows a semi - transparent area to appear for you to set over the area of screen capture desired.  Just press most any keyboard key when done to capture the picture.
  • Save - When an image is present below, this allows you to save to a file location in your computer
  • Clipboard - When an image is present, clicking this sends the image to the computer clipboard.  Many drawing packages can read from a clipboard.  And control paste (ctrl-v) also can allow it to be pasted, as is, in some documents.

Option Boxes  (arrow on far right allows drop down items inside that can be selected)

  • Format - gives choice of picture format to be saved.  Options include jpg, bmp, and png
  • Delay - This is the delay before the picture is taken.  It allows the photographer, the program in this case, to leave the area and get out of the way.  The delay is in seconds.  The larger the delay, the more time between the program hiding and the picture being taken.  If you see ghosts in your images showing, see if it might be this program itself.  If so, you would increase the amount of delay time to give the program more time to exit.  I consider this "shutter speed," but of course it is really a delay instead.  If you need a longer delay, remember to "Save Settings Now" under "Settings" above to do this more automatically for you.  Values in the drop down box go from 0.2 seconds to 5.0 seconds.
  • Visible - This option and drop down box is for how visible the semi transparent rectangle will be for setting screen capture area.  The arrow on the right allows drop down values from 0.2 (20% visible) to 0.8 (80% visible)

Mutliple Shots:  Now Can do Mulitple Shots at once and save to a folder!  Click here for more on that.

Animated Gifs? - Cannot do that by itself, but can be part of the operation. Click here

Upper Drop Down Box Options

There are options for saving the settings now, and or savings the settings on exit.  If you choose to save settings on exit, note that the Save Settings on Exit item under "Settings" should be checked, since the program will look for that.  If you are confused about settings, you can always reset them to their initial state under "Settings" by selecting "Return to Initial Settings."

There should also be a help file included.


  • Picture Formats That Can be Saved:  jpg, bmp, png, gif
  • Delay Settings - Some variations given from 0.2 seconds to 5 seconds.  Nominal is set at 0.5 seconds
  • Visible Settings (visibility of the rectangle used for area capture):  0.2 (20% visible) to 0.8 (80% visible) in stages
  • DPI - the image saved was tested to be 96 dpi on the tests we made.  This seems to be somewhat standard for computer screen images that we have noted in past
  • Number of Multiple Photos (in multiple image usage = 50
If you wish to Download and Try, Click here for the Download page. Note that you must also agree with our rules and liability exclusion.



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