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Some Subjects in eBook



Some Subjects Included in our eBook "Logic, Science, God, and Human Knowledge"

Note that information here is taken at least partially from the book which is copyright protected in the US Library of Congress, and is currently being published and sold by the author.

Some Subjects inside the eBook that are previewed on this web site: 

Do Aliens Exist
Fastest Human Travel Speed



Logic, Science, God, and Human Knowledge   Book: Logic, Science, God, and Human Knowledge (click for info)
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What is the fastest that humans have ever traveled? Do all Scientists agree that they understand gravity? Is the argument of Darwin versus Creationism a good argument on either side? Could some reality be in fact be an illusion as Einstein implied? This book tries to answer some of those questions, and how all truth we perhaps might believe, might actually be able to exist together at the same time.

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