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Note that information provided here for your convenience is taken at least partially from the eBook "Logic Science God and Human Intelligence" which is copyright protected in the US Library of Congress, and is currently being published and sold by the author.


I imagine that when asked about the fastest speed that humans have travelled, that brings up many different visual images. Some may think of a high speed car, or a motorcycle. Others may think of a jet plane or a rocket ship to outer space. But few people might think that some humans even just sitting down may be going faster than any of those speeds - or at least the speeds that some other humans are telling us. The answer comes from science.

First, let us just consider the rotation of the earth. If we are just standing or sitting on the earth and it is rotating, we are going some speed, are we not? Since the earth is spinning? Consider that there are about 1000 miles distance between earth time zones at some locations on earth, a bit more at the equator. Since there are 24 time zones, since there are 24 hours in a day, then the earth could be approximated as being 24,000 mile in circumference - the distance around it at the surface. Actually, I am told that number is close, but that the real surface distance around the world at the equator is 24,901 miles. Divide that whole distance by 24 hours in a day, and we get back to about our 1000 number. And so if you are standing or sitting at the equator, just taking it easy, you would be going 1000 miles per hour due to the rotation of the earth. Of course as you go north or south of the equator, that number would be less. If right at the real north or south pole, of course there would be no rotational speed at all. But for many of us, even when just sitting down we are going close to 1000 miles per hour just due to the rotation of the earth.

But there is more of course. The earth goes around the sun. I am told that the distance around the sun is 584 million miles, and we do that each year. So then let us divide that total distance of 584 million miles by 365.24 days per year and then divide that result by 24 hours in a day. When we do that we find that the earth, and us with it, is going perhaps 67,000 miles per hour travelling around the sun. And this is again, just the beginning. Our Solar system moves in our galaxy, our galaxy moves in our galaxy cluster which moves in turn in the universe. And the whole universe is expanding due to the Big Bang Theory some bright people tell us. Some scientists say that some of these other speeds may be equal to or greater than 1.3 million miles per hour. And you thought you were sitting still? 

Why is there no sensation of this huge speed? I ask instead, "How do you know there there is not a sensation of speed?"



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What is the fastest that humans have ever traveled? Do all Scientists agree that they understand gravity? Is the argument of Darwin versus Creationism a good argument on either side? Could some reality be in fact be an illusion as Einstein implied? This book tries to answer some of those questions, and how all truth we perhaps might believe, might actually be able to exist together at the same time.

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