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Some Subjects in eBook

Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP


Some Subjects Included in our eBook "Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP"

Note that information here is taken at least partially from the book which is copyright protected in the US Library of Congress, and is currently being published and sold by the author.

Some Subjects inside the eBook that are previewed on this web site: 

High Powered Negotiations
Business Outsourcing



Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP   Book: Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP (click for info)
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This book covers business strategies learned during the huge cellular business birth at Motorola, at the beginning when Motorola had the highest market share. It covers many different business situations and tries to pass along advice to others who wish to succeed in business. The author went from the lowest grade engineer at Motorola to a VP using these methods that he learned.

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