Calculator Ensemble SOFTWARE

Windows:  10
(might also work on XP, 7,8,9)

  rpsoft2000 Calculator Ensemble Software Program  
caluclator ensemble of 6 programs  

Calculator Ensemble

This program is really 6 programs, or at least 6 calculator screens in one. The primary screen is a basic caluclator that allows you to set decimal places, and thus choose between a business money calculator and a semi scientifc version.

The other 5 Calculator Screens Include:

* Mortgage Calculator

*Metric Conversion Calculator

*Odds Calculator

* World Time

* Chinese (historic) Date Calculator - giving animal sign of the year and date



  rpsoft2000 software CALCULATOR ENSEMBLE  

CALCULATORS - six - click on the name for more information

  • Business/Scientific Calculator:  Choice of decimal places lets you choose business or semi scientific usage
  • Metric Conversion:  Weight, Distance, Area, Volume, Temperature, Speed, Hexadecimal (some of)
  • Mortgage Calculator: Two types, with the most popular type of "APR" - annual percentage rate interest
  • Odds Calculator: 3 Versions - can do some combionations or permuatations
  • World Time: for
  • Chinese Historical Calendar: This is mostly for fun, and shows the animal sign for the year
  business and scientific calculator
  Features of the Main Business and Scientific Calculator - the startup screen
  • Business, Normal or Scientific - notation can be chosen. Also the number of decimal places

  • Simulated Paper Printout - Runs totals and calculations along the way so you can look back

  • 12 Memories - that you can see and therefore recall what was inside. You can transfer between the accumulator or use them to add items coming in from the accumulator

  • Some Scientific Functions - We did not include all scientific functions, but the ones most commonly used - in our opinion - this would seem to us to make this a powerful calculator, but hopefully not too confusing of one. Included are the basic sin, cos, tan and a few variations of those, and also the square, cub and similar functions.

  • Some Conversions - Also included as stored variables. However note that another of the calculators is a metric/english conversion one that might do conversions easier

Click here for a quick view of the other 5 calculator screens included in this calculator ensemble

If you wish to Download and Try, Click here for the Download page. Note that you must also agree with our rules and liability exclusion.



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