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A Bar Chord is really not a type of chord itself - but a means of playing chords.  Chords are often played on stringed instruments such as guitars and ukuleles with the strings mostly open and the chords are fingered right at the end of the neck, just before the tuning screws.

However, chords can also be played down the neck of the stringed instrument.  To do this, of course one must ensure that no strings are left "open" (not held down) below this point of fingering.  One method of ensuring that is to use a "capo" - a mechanical string holder that holds all of the strings down a distance down the neck of the instrument.  This capo prevents the strings from being open lower than this point they are held down at.

However, many guitar players can achieve the same effect using only their fingers and not using a capo.  The way they do this is to use one finger (index finger - the one just next to one's thumb) that would "bar" all of the strings - holding all of the down - at the same point the capo would have been installed.  Then the other fingers hold down strings at different points higher than this in order to form the chord.

Musicord Software Note

The Musicord Software shown below for Windows, does allow chord display and chord fingering for string instruments for bar chord usage or capo usage.


Now Available !  Musicord Version 3 software for Windows
Shows chords and chord fingerings for
Keyboard and many stringed instruments

screen shot of musicord software ehowing E major chord

(note: actual screen size is larger in usage)

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