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A "capo" is a mechanical item that holds strings down the neck of a stringed instrument such as a guitar or banjo.  What it does is allow chords to be played further down the neck of the instrument, essentially changing the key of the song while allowing the musician to use the same chord fingering that would be needed if a capo were not in use.

Note that some musicians are able to get almost the same effect as a capo just by using their fingers.  When that is done, we refer to that as "bar chords".

Musicord Software Note

The Musicord Software shown below for Windows, does allow chord display and chord fingering for string instruments for bar chord usage or capo usage.  In fact, the image below shows an invisible capo in use - or also how to finger a bar chord at that point.


Now Available !  Musicord Version 3 software for Windows
Shows chords and chord fingerings for
Keyboard and many stringed instruments

screen shot of musicord software ehowing E major chord

(note: actual screen size is larger in usage)

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