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We do indeed consult on Lean Manufacturing.  We would be pleased to be considered for working with your team.

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History of Lean Manufacturing

The precise term, "Lean Manufacturing" really refers to the organized approach to Manufacturing that was both accumulated and added to by the Toyota Corporation.  In this system, often called the TPS system for Toyota Production System, Toyota combined much of the past great knowledge with many new thoughts of their own.  This tends to make the TPS system the single most complete study there is on the subject of Lean Manufacturing.

It should be mentioned that much of the background thought on Lean Manufacturing of course occurred long before the TPS system.  For example. Gauss who was born in Bavaria in 1777 could be said to be the founder of the statistical thought that pervades much of manufacturing mathematics.  Henry Ford certainly added to this with his thinking on assembly lines.  Motorola added a 6 sigma concept for quality, and in fact, 6-sigma today still is a Motorola trademark.  These contributions and much more added to Toyotas own thinking in their landmark TPS system.

Is what we call the TPS system today good enough?  As great as it is, some of us, including our consulting firm, believe that as great as the TPS system is, one must add useful metrics to ensure that progress is being made and to help explain the progress so that all in the company may become a part.

Subjects of Waste / Improvement for Lean

Overall Muda Items Muda Items
Mura - unevenness of flow, quality Overproduction Processing Waste
Muri - excess demands on workers / machines Waiting Motion
Muda - items of waste Transportation Product Defects
  Inventory Misuse of Resources

Some Tools for Lean Improvement

Value Mapping 6 Sigma Takt Time
SMED Jidoka Heijunka
Kan_Ban Andon Supermarket
PokaYoke Synchronous Mfg. Little's Law
5s's Kaizen Pacemaker
Pull system House of Quality Involving the Workforce
  Customer Focus  

and ... metrics that ensure that the system is bringing progress to you.

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