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For the right client and the right situation, we are willing to consult on web site design and marketing.  After agreement, our work goes beyond consulting in most cases and includes direct setup of the site, the startup web pages, and if desired, continued support after that.

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Who should do your web site design?

Indeed, there are many web site designers.  A company or individual should always pick the web design company that fits their needs.  The majority of web site designs that we have seen help a customer put a site on line - but one that no one will ever see.  Some people may want that.  However, that is not a project though that we ourselves would be interested in helping with.  We do business web sites.  Business web sites should look professional.  However, they also should have a minimum of flash and moving pictures - since the pages should load fast.  Also moving graphics are irritating to a lot of people.  Many business people want to "get to the point" quickly.  They want to find what they are looking for quickly.

A web site that no one sees is only interesting for its owner.  Think of a web site as city.  How many roads are there to it that people can drive on to find you?  If there are no roads, there are no people.  We can help build those roads.

At rpsoft 2000 consulting and software, our specialty is business - and for web sites, a concentration on business web sites.  We do not just put up a nice web site and walk away.  We ask ourselves how customers will reach you via the world wide web, and how best to try and turn some of that increased business potential into sales.


Shows recent page hits per week to rpsoft 2000 software.  Sales for rpsoft 2000 software has now been to over 25 countries.  ALL of our sales are web based.

Some of the items we can help with are listed below.  We would do the work ourselves after consulting with you on your wishes.  We can help as far as you wish and turn over the web site to you at a time that you wish, or we can continue to make changes for you if that is your desire.

  • Getting a Domain Name and Registration

  • Getting a quality hosting site and getting space on line

  • Getting professional email addresses for yourself and your company team

  • Putting beginning pages on line using your thoughts and preferred artwork

  • Helping with some initial search engine links

  • Set up forms, where customers can contact you via automatic emails

  • Helping with picking search times that your customers may search for your products

  • Provide some training for your company to take over the web site in the future

  • Helping with taking credit cards on line if that is one of your wishes

Now we do want to be clear here, that getting high traffic to a web site is not magic but hard work.  What we can do is either do that work directly, or we can help get your company started and turn over the process to you after your knowledge is there on how to continue forward.  If you are interested in taking over a web site in the future, we do standardize here on using Microsoft Front Page as the web design program of choice.  It is a good package for business sites, and it does include forms that customers can request information to you directly.

Consulting and work would be "pay as you go".  This means that you only need to buy our services for that period that we have agreed on and that you have paid for.  At any point, you can decide to take over the web site yourself.  We will then send you materials for any finished web pages that have been paid for.  And of course, if you have a change of mind and wish some web consulting in the future, we can help with that also.  We can also work together after the project gets started.  That means that we can arrange that we do much of the behind the scenes work, but that sales information is provided by your team.

Web sites are becoming a more important means of doing business world-wide.

If you wish consulting help on it, we would be glad to discuss that.  Please contact us here or by clicking on the green "Contact Us" below.

In either case, we do wish you and your business the best of success.

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Please click the links below for more information.  And our executive consulting firm as always, does wish you and your company, the very best of success.


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