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We do indeed consult on Outsourcing.  We would be pleased to be considered for working with your team.

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To Outsource or not to Outsource?

The subject of Outsourcing has become a very important subject in US business.  A member of our team has in fact has outsourced hundreds of millions of dollars per year from a Fortune 500 company.  Many other companies have looked into outsourcing or have already done it.

In spite of this high interest, what we find is that many companies do not evaluate whether or not outsourcing is a good idea for them.  The reason is likely the difficulty of modeling the alternatives.  Is Outsourcing a good idea for everyone?  The quick answer to that is "no".  It is a great idea for some, and a bad idea for others.  Much depends on what the main product or service the company has to offer.  A second issue is how much the company has already capitalized and on what items.  For many companies, outsourcing in fact yields zero improvement on profits.  While that statement is often true, outsourcing can still be an excellent idea for some.  But the facts rely on a complex look on company vision and goals and on "balance sheet" items such as investment.  We can help with this.

And if one does outsource, to whom?  And how does one tell if the company being outsourced to is in fact better at this operation than we are ourselves?  The way to evaluate that is with facts, and math and metrics.  And of course, since it is your company, once the facts are together, it will still be your decision to go ahead or not.  But, we can help with the facts.

And finally, when one does outsource, how?  Many companies outsource and yet never reap the benefits of it.  Much has to do with the structure of "who does what", and "what support is needed".  Still more yet relies on contracts.  Many do not read outsourcing contracts, until it is too late.  We can also help with some of that.


Outsourcing is a very important decision for your business.

If you wish consulting help on it, we would be glad to discuss that.  Please contact us here or by clicking on the green "Contact Us" below.

In either case, we do wish you and your business the best of success.

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Please click the links below for more information.  And our executive consulting firm as always, does wish you and your company, the very best of success.


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