This section is for animated animals, including rabbits, fish and others.  We hope to be adding to it.  As you might notice below, there are several different types - and the main difference at the start is menu set up or not.  The non menu set up as the rabbits, the hopping bunnies is done by bunnies inside that roam different distances.  Therefore just select the bunnies color and texture type and distance you want them to roam before you rez them.

For the menu driven ones, such as our fish, ducks, swans and crabs, and hopefully more over time, the owner (and owner only) can click on the fish or swan or duck or crab or other at the startup and a menu appears.  Then set the roaming distance you wish such as 6m for 6 meters (3 meters each direction for x or y) separately for x and y roaming distances, and then also the speed.  When done with your settings and you have the item positioned in the center of the area you want, then press "Reset Center" on the main menu, and then finally "Start!" to begin the motion.   Oh, for fish you might ask the question, what is the "Lower 1 m" command?  Well fish do best in water.  So you can place the fish above the water and estimate the right height above such that when ready you can then use "Lower 1m" once, or if necessary more than once before resetting the center and using start.  Of course, you can also go under water yourself or your camera to set the position more accurately if you wish.

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(above) Examples of Menus above for Start Up

(note - not for Hopping Rabbits(


Non Menu Set Up

Menu Set Up

Menu Setup

Hopping Rabbits Anim Fish, Angel and Beta Anim Swans
Talking Parrot Anim Fish Clown and Discus Anim Ducks
  Anim Fish Red-Yellow and Goldfish Anim Crabs
  Anim Fish Rainbows (2 types) Anim Octopus
    Anim Mermaid



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