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Favorite Casinos

California & More



California Casinos

these all near I-15 between Los Angeles and San Diego


Harrahs Rincon Exterior

Harrahs - Rincon

A beautiful new casino built by the partnership of Harrah's and Rincon.  click here for more

Caesar's Palace coming to San Diego North County!

click here for more


A large very nice casino close to Harrah's - Rincon.
click here for more


Pala Exterior


Another beautiful and large new California Casino - a little bit more North on I-15 from Pala and Harrah's -Rincon.  For those who are concerned about long trips off the I-15 over mountainous roads, Pechanga is refreshingly close to the I-15 and easy to get to.

Caribbean Cruise Ships

Monarch of the Seas

Monarch of the Seas in Port

Monarch of the Seas

There are endless fun things to do aboard a beautiful Caribbean Cruise ship such as the Monarch of the Seas.  But playing some Blackjack in its sea going casino was quite nice.


Great Britain

Truly Sporting

Even though I lived in England for a few years, I will admit that I never had the chance to play Blackjack there.  However it is said that casinos / clubs in Great Britain often have suggestions of best Blackjack play right on the tables. How very sporting of them!  For that they should get at least an honorable mention.

Las Vegas - Downtown

Fitzgerald's Casino

A very nice casino in downtown Las Vegas.

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Puerto Rico

Luxury Hotel Casinos

To be sure, Puerto Rico did not allow all of the possible Blackjack rules.  For example, there were restrictions on what hands one could double down on.  Also, certain people might complain that the dress code was less relaxed there and in fact more similar to a James Bond "Shaken but not stirred" look.  However, the friendliness of the Dealer's, the assistance they offered on the game, and the shear fun of the surroundings made it a great place to play Blackjack.

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