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Printer Spooler vs. Windows

Fixing Printer Jams (at least a little)


Some Help for Windows Printer Spoolers





Have you ever had a windows computer and a printer go out of sync?  When that happens it seems that the printer refuses to print.  The computer may be backed up on several pages or several documents.  To make matters worse when one goes to the control panel and goes into the printer section and tries to delete documents, the computer seems to laugh at you.  At that point, you know you need to start over but how?  If you try to ask the computer printer routine to cancel documents it might not pay any attention to you.  Sometimes you have to shut off your printer, and then restart your computer.  Sometimes you may need to restart your computer twice.  Very frustrating.


Possible Solution

One possible solution is a simple "bat" file that you can put on your desktop.  If this solution works for you and your windows computer, then all you need do is to click or double click to start it.  What it does is extreme.  It will stop the print spooler, and then restart it.  Sure, you will have to start over where you left off in printing.  However, the good news is that you might not need to restart your computer even once.  Neat.

You can download the 'bat" file below for free.  We suggest putting it on your desktop. Then the next time the printer and computer jams, try and see if it can save you instead of pulling your hair out.  Right mouse click on the below link to download it. It is quite a small file - considering that it might fix such a big problem.

free download of the bat file for printer spooler stop and start

The code for this bat file is shown below.  It of course is just put into a normal "text" - but one that ends in ".bat" instead of ".txt".

  @echo off 
net stop spooler
net start spooler 

Alternate Solution

If the above solution does not work for you, try the following.  Hopefully this is easier and faster than turning your computer on and off once or twice:

  • Right click on "my Computer" and go to "manage"

  • Expand "Service and Applications" on the left bottom side by clicking the "+"sign if it is not already expanded

  • Click on "services"

  • Look downward in the large list to find "Printer Spooler"

  • Right mouse click on "Printer Spooler" and select "stop"

  • Right mouse click again on "Printer Spooler" and select "start"

The alternate solution also should dump the contents of the printer spooler and let you start over.  However, the "bat" file is more simple to use - if it works for your system.


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