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First of all, we need to be both fair and clear that while Emailaddy resists virus tampering, total protection from email viruses may in fact be impossible.  The reason is that those who write viruses tend to be very technical people who spend much time learning how to get through defenses and past normal human nature.  But one thing that none of us want to do - is make it easy for them to hurt us and our friends and acquaintances.  Since some viruses seek out email address books to send viruses out to those that we know, email address books, their contents and usage should be taken seriously.

Not Making it Easy

One Hollywood movie comedy talked about how a person used a combination of 1-2-3-4 on something very important - making light of how silly that would be to do that or have that combination on our own luggage.  Likewise, one would not leave their money lying around in a public place very visible, nor would one leave their jewelry exposed while leaving home and a sign outside saying "free jewelry in here!".  All of these situations would seem laughable to us.  We of course should protect things better.

However, we sometimes do something similar with email addresses.  We sometimes store important email addresses in very obvious and very popular email programs and online popular email services.  If we know the names of these very popular email programs, so do the virus programmers.  And since virus programmers often try to do as much damage as possible, they like to target the most popular email storage places.  Well given that - why put email addresses there where they can be found or used?

Emailaddy allows one to store email addresses offline from those popular programs in a separate data file - but allows those email addresses to be used (via the windows computer clipboard) by most of the main email programs including: Microsoft Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, others.  Moreover, the email address data is stored in a different email format than the standard one.  Now, this does not make it impossible for a virus programmer to get into an Emailaddy address file.  It just makes it more difficult and less obvious.  Also, the virus programmer would be working harder in order to create less damage since it is a lower volume usage - something that would be illogical for them.  Don't make it easy for them.  Put your valuables in a place less likely to be found.  And after you make that decision, remember to remove the email addresses from the obvious places.

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