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As browsers and computer virus checkers become more concerned about viruses, it becomes more difficult we admit to download software programs from small business software companies like ours. Some browsers we have seen will block the download, but then somewhere in the browser, lower left, or other portion, may offer a means for downloading the program anyway. This is one possible hurdle. Another is the virus checker. Some virus checkers are fine with small business software and some will only let the known large companies through. In some cases, yes, you might have to temporarily stop your virus checker in order to download and setup the software programs. This seems odd to us since our software program packaging is done with a Microsoft Program Maker, and one would think that would be compatible with Microsoft operating systems.


This is a different answer for the software program Musicord than for the rest of the software programs which are newer.

MUSICORD - Loads into the normal program areas of your computer, such as "PROGRAM FILES" or "Program Files (x86)". But it does not create an icon. The program should be in your programs directory either under its name or in a folder such as rpsoft_2000 or similar. You should be able to open it from there, or perhaps create an icon or pin it to the taskbar. Please note that our File Manager 2b program can help create desk icons by right clicking on a program whose name it shows in computer memory.

OTHERS - The other software programs are in a newer Microsoft computer language. They do not load to the program files area, but to the user area, under the name of the user who loaded the program. These programs should create an icon on the desktop automatically for you. However, the location of the program might be harder to find, if you need to, since it is in the user section. Some of the software programs after they load and are started up may indicate the location that they are stored in the very top name of the startup screen for your convenience.



These software programs are free to download and try. However, if a customer wishes to keep and use the program, we only offer that they can do so by paying the amount requested per program, per user. The good news is that we include that it is "per user", meaning a user can install the program on a windows desktop computer and also a laptop for travel, or whatever their needs are. We do insist, however, that the only source of distribution of our software to others is from this site.


Our books and software sold here (shareware) are have been submitted for copyright in the US Library of Congress or have already been approved by that office. rpsoft2000 has now 23 finalized copyrights with the US Library of Congress approved with 1 more applications pending and in queue. We will no doubt submit more copyrgihts with the US Livarary of Congress.


We do insist that there is no other form of distribution for our books or software than this website other than is agreed in writing. And yes, for our eBooks, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble Nook are authorized to sell our eBooks, and we hope that they do. As for software, however, there is no other distribution point that we agree to other than this website. Please honor our copyrights.



- owner /software author at rpsoft 2000 software






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