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Six Sigma
(6 Sigma)


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  What is 6 Sigma?

6 Sigma is a Quality goal, and speaks to low defects in a product or process.  6 Sigma itself is equal to about 3.4 defects in every million opportunities.  That is a good goal and a very low number.  What is an opportunity for a defect?  That has to be determined by each business.  A common definition of the total opportunities for defects in electronics is  the total of the number of parts in the assembly plus the total of solder connections.  Of course the number of opportunities for defects in other businesses will be different.

But what about knowing your progress on the way to your six sigma goal?  If you currently have 200 defects per million opportunities, how many sigma would that be?  It is normally hard to find that out.  However, the "convert" software from rpsoft 2000 software will do that conversion for you.  This software is able to convert a sigma quality number to defects per part per million (abbreviated sometimes dpm or sometimes simply ppm).  Also, it will do the reverse of that, and convert defects per parts per million into Sigma.  While the equation to do this is complex, "convert" from rpsoft 2000 software is easy to use.

Screen Shot

To see what the program screen looks like, please click here.

Summary:  Accuracy is to about 4 significant figures.  This program tool can be a great convenience, and is at a low price.

Readme.txt and help included.


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