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Strategies I Learned

Becoming a VP


Author Information

for Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP - eBook


Author Information

Ronald J. Plachno

The author of this book, Ronald J. Plachno, was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1945, the middle of three sons. He was born of parents who were never rich or even that well off, but who believed their children should receive a college education as well as other education in music and more. His father, Joseph Plachno, was a tool and die maker and his mother Mary (sometimes called Marie) often worked long hours to help their family, while encouraging ethics and also continuous learning. It was a great family for a child to grow up within. Later, Ron was also quite fortunate to have a wonderful family with lovely wife Valerie and two great sons Kenneth and Gregory, who now each have families of their own.


Ron graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT in Chicago, and took 6 graduate courses at the University of Illinois. Beginning as a low level engineer, Ron over time had success in engineering and then leadership and became a VP at the Fortune 500 Motorola Corporation and later a Sr. VP at Novatel Wireless, a technology startup company in California. Ron was also listed at one time in the "Who's Who of America". At times he was considered a problem solver and at one point was asked to move himself and his family to England for three years to help a Division, $1 billion dollar a year in sales, that was in trouble. He has since founded a few small companies, and has 25 Copyrights with the US Library of Congress and one more in progress.

But of course, there is more. Ron was fortunate enough to be in the right Motorola group of Car Telephone that exploded in a huge Market to become a giant cellular business. Along the way he learned from some very talented people who also helped lead that very dramatic growth. This book is really a summary of that learning, and what worked for him, and what he believes would be very helpful information to pass onto others who will come after him.


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