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This page shows example usage of rpsoft 2000 software "musicord" for Christian chord applications.  To view the main page of this software and view its main characteristics, view it here at:  musicord.


Christian Chords

Being a Christian, I have played Christian music myself and of course have heard and enjoyed listening to even more examples.  Of course, what makes the music distinct are the themes and the style of playing.  Chords are really of course the same as used in many other music forms.  With that complexity, there can be a difficulty for at least beginning Christian Guitar artists as with other artists to learn how to play the many chord types and also find reasonable approaches to fingering the chords.

Chord Software

There really are a good number of possible guitar chord fingerings.  One way of handling that complexity for at least the more common chord types is by using "musicord" software from rpsoft 2000 software.  It is a chord calculator, and shows chord fingerings for both stringed instruments such as guitar and for keyboard instruments as well - such as organ or piano.  Some of the major options are listed below the screen image directly below.




The image on the right is a smaller version of the main screen of the musicord software program; the real software screen is larger and more readable.   Many of the major features are discussed below, and on the main software site page that can be reached by clicking here

Note that chords are displayed both for keyboard type instruments as shown above, and on stringed instrument types as guitars as shown below.  The view shown is for a right handed guitar.  Left hand views are also available as well as many other options.



musicord software screen view, showing keyboard and right handed guitar view





Note:  Actual program screen is larger and more readable


Some of the Main Features of "musicord" software

  • 28 Chord types that can be displayed or recognized

  • Enter chord types to show notes and fingering, or enter notes to determine chord type

  • Both keyboard and Stringed instrument chord display and usage

  • Many stringed instrument variations, including tenor guitar, basses, banjos, ukuleles, more

  • Many normal tuning variations for each stringed instrument type are provided

  • Custom String tuning and storage of those custom strings provided for

  • Print capability for both guitar or stringed instrument chords and for keyboard chords

  • Right Hand or Left Hand Stringed Instrument viewing

  • Transpose assistance for transposing song key

  • "Capo" or "bar chord" capability for displaying chord fingering down the fretboard

  • More features - click on the link below for the main page to view them

More information on the main Musicord software page here.


Relevant Links
(includes this page)


Musicord Software- main page,  Left Hand Chord ExampleRetuned Strings Example

Musical Instrument Families

Keyboard / PianoGuitar / TipleBass GuitarUkulele BanjoMandolin / Bouzouki / Cittern

Violin / Fiddle / Viola / CelloSteel Guitar / DobroLute / Oud / Cumbus

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