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Universal Email Address Book

Works with email systems:

Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, and more

Emailaddy Software Application for the Windows PC


Imagine a universal email address book - that works with Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, Yahoo, and in fact most windows email programs.  "Emailaddy" from rpsoft 2000 is just such a program.  It uses Windows clipboard to make email addresses very universal.

This means that you likely do not need multiple email address books that say almost all the same thing - and that you do not have to keep each of these address books up to date.  You only need to update one.  And when you do update that one email address book, you now control the data.  The data is in a simple format, and unlike some address books, it is easy to backup.

Other features include Load and Save for multiple email address books - if that is your wish, 1000 email addresses per file, a "find" routine, a "merge" routine, book "goto" routines and more.  More information below on the links.

  picture of emai address software that works with universal email programs

emailaddy business applications - showing a full sized emailaddy screen

emailaddy main page and specifications

virus email resistance from emailaddy software





$14.95   Download this email address software program now from The Virtual Software Store using Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, a USA-based checking account, prepaid Internet Cash (tm) Cards or your Microsoft Passport wallet. Immediately download and install it on your computer. Offline payment options also available.


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