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Emailaddy Software Application for the Windows PC


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Email Address Book - smaller than normal size - Showing a Sample Application
Note:  Business Addresses on the Left, and Personal Addresses on the right


More Features are discussed on the main product page for Emailaddy which you can find here.  We will discuss the main ones below briefly before getting into usage:

  • A single email address book compatible with most windows email programs, such as Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, more
  • Allows 1000 email names addresses per data file
  • Has two sides - right and left.  The left side can be used to abbreviate business email endings such as "@BKDindustries.com".  As such, less entry typing is required for those emails with this same business ending.  more on this business usage here.
  • Has a "find" routine to help locate email addresses fast
  • Has automatic alphabetic sorting
  • Has load and save routines to allow multiple email address data books if you wish
  • Allows "merge" of Emailaddy address books - or right and left sides
  • Has fast "goto" options to get to common areas of the address book quickly
  • Allows multiple email sends (multiple email addresses)
  • Allows "group" email collections - such as shown above by the green and blue colored names
  • Allows one to change the "delimiter" from the common comma type that normally separates multiple email addresses
  • Helps resist virus sends of email from your email directory, by using a different format and also minor data cloaking during file save. more on that here.
  • Contains onboard "help"

Using Emailaddy for email entry

Using Emailaddy is simple.  Like many things, you just need to do it a few times and it will seem very straightforward.  Each side - the left and the right in turn has two boxes of information.  Simply type in the information for the email name and then the email address in any open combination of email name and address.  If there is no open spot, use "ctrl" and "n" (n for ":new") and Emailaddy should find you an open spot.  You can also use the "up" "down" buttons to go to other pages.  On each side, the first text box on the left is used for the name of the person owning the email.  This name can be any that works for you.  Keep in mind that Emailaddy will do an alphabetical sort at times automatically by name, and therefore if you wish certain names before others, Capital letters will show up first in the alphabetical listing.  The second text box is for the email address.  If this is a general email address like is always true for the right hand email address side, and sometimes for the left email address side (if the red title does not begin with a "@") then type in the full email address, such as mary.smith@aol.com for example.  If you are entering the email address on the left side and you are using a business email application - such as "@BKDindustries.com" (as showing in the left red title) then you only need to type in the portion of the email address that occurs before the "@".  For example, if the persons email address in full was mary.smith@BKDindustries.com - then one would just need to type "mary.smith" in on the email text box.  Look at the examples above, and you should see how this works.

Using the left side of Emailaddy for business common email endings

This application is also explained by clicking here.  However, the left side of Emailaddy can be used for abbreviated email endings - such as one might need for a business where everyone's email ending might be the same, as in "@BKDindustries.com" for example.  To use the left side for abbreviated business endings as shown in the Emailaddy illustration above simply click on the red title above the left side and change the typing code there to @BKDindustries.com or whatever your company name might be.  If this title in red on the left side begins with a "@" then Emailaddy knows to allow abbreviations there.  If you wish both the left and right side of Emailaddy to be "general" sides and allow any full email addresses, then just ensure that the title in red on the left side does not start with "@" and Emailaddy will give you two general sides.

Using Emailaddy for data output

Simply check all boxes of email addresses that you wish, separately for the "to" portion or the "cc" portion or "bcc" portion of your email addresses.  The with your mouse press "get".  Then these email addresses will be combined together and are on the computer clipboard.  To use these email addresses, simply place your curser inside the other window of your email program in the "to" or other section and press the "shift" and the "insert" key at the same time.  This will paste those email addresses right where you want them, with no retyping, and already combined together.

Other Emailaddy Features

The normal features one would hope to find are there, along with some more advanced features.  One can combine email addresses into "groups".  Note the group usage above.  Groups are shown in colors - with different colors depending on the size of the group.  Note "Board Members" on the left.  This group already contains the name of the board members, and to retrieve all of their email addresses, one must just check the group name and then use your mouse to press "get".

Other features of Emailaddy include "find" routines, an automatic alphabetic sort, rapid "goto" controls, merge capabilities of multiple address books, and the possibility of load and save of as many address books - each with 1000 email addresses - as you wish.

Our Results

For our own usage, we use nothing else for email address books.  Emailaddy allows us to use one "book" instead of many, allows us to be in total control and helps prevent viruses taking over our precious email addresses.  Since we began using "Emailaddy", now email addresses are never lost - that is - unless we wish to lose them on purpose. (smile).

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