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Two programs by rpsoft 2000, "emailaddy" (email addresses) and "membank" (stored text phrases) both use the computer clipboard. The following information should help explain the power of that approach.

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Computer Clipboard

One of the single greatest features of the windows pc environment is the computer clipboard.  One can often move typed phrases from one area to another without re-typing them.  The way it works is that you must first copy an area of text by high-lighting the area of text with your mouse (or ctrl-A will often highlight all of the text in your window).  Second you would copy it to the clipboard - normally by pressing ctrl-insert (the "control" and the "insert" keys simultaneously).  Note that for some windows programs, copying it to the clipboard might be ctrl-C (the control button and the C key)  instead. 

Once on the clipboard, you can move your mouse cursor to almost any windows program and then set the mouse cursor in the area where you wish the text pasted to.  Once your cursor is ready, shift-insert (ctrl-V in some applications) will "paste" the text to the new area.  Note that until you copy something new to the computer clipboard that you can "paste" the same text many times even in several different windows applications if you wish.

Computer Multiplexing

Of course in order to copy and paste text from one windows program to another, multiple programs - the ones that you need - must be first running on your computer.  If you are new to windows computers environment, note that the windows computers are quite powerful and can often run a number of programs at the same time.  How does one do this? Well, after you start one program, and then start another, you can transfer control and then data between those programs several different ways.  You can click your mouse on the visible portion of either of the programs, and control will shift to it.  If you cannot see the other program that you wish to transfer control to, please note that a small icon of the programs that are running should be on the lower portion of your screen - generally a little bit to the right of middle.  Clicking on the right icon will transfer control to the program you wish. 

rpsoft 2000 clipboard usage

rpsoft 2000 programs such as emailaddy and membank use the computer clipboard to transfer data to almost any windows program.  In their case, they make it even easier since activating a button in either case will automatically send the desired information to the computer clipboard.  Then one need only set their mouse cursor in the area where the data is to go and press "shift-insert" to transfer the data there. 

Some examples.  For email usage and using emailaddy, the addresses are joined by checking the ones you wish and then pressing the "get" button with your mouse.  When you do that, that data is now on the computer clipboard.  One would normally then wish to add it to an email.  Set your mouse cursor either on the "to" section of the email or on the "cc" (cc = other people to be copied) section of the email and use shift-insert to add the email address to your outlook, or AOL, yahoo mail or other windows email program.  Note that since you are using the clipboard, you could also use emailaddy, for example, to copy email address to a clipboard and then paste the emails in the body of an email you are sending, or letter that you are sending, if you wish to tell someone an email address.

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