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Form Letter

Storage and easy retrieval / usage
application of Membank Software

Windows:  95/98, 2000, Me, XP

Normal Screen Shot of Membank Software

Shows Data Area Expanded for Form
Letter Creation and Editing


Form Letters Storage and Usage Made Easy  with  Membank Software

The first version of Membank software was primarily meant for data storage and retrieval of short phrases, such as password names and passwords and www web urls.  However, the most recent update to the program - which is now available - allows multi-line data storage and retrieval.  Using this feature, we can store multi-line addresses, multi-line signatures for email and letter usage, and even reasonable sized form letters.

The above pictures show how the data items above can be opened up to allow easy access for form letter creation and editing.  How do the data items open up?  If you look at the three long text data areas at the top of the picture on the left, there is a small button just to the left of each with a "V" marking.  Pressing that button once will expand the data screen of that one item of the three choices there.  pressing that "V" button again will close that window and allow you to open another of the three data windows and just to move forward with your work.

The larger ray buttons to the left of the "V" buttons and text areas are for sending the information in that data item to the computer clipboard.  Once on the computer clipboard, the information can then be "pasted" into most any Windows email browser or Word Processor for easy usage.  The information is "pasted" to your new document by first placing your mouse in the text area of the other program - browser, word processor or other windows program - and then pressing the computer keys "shift" and "insert" at the same time.

This program is what we use at rpsoft 2000 for our business signatures and form letters.  It makes form letters and their handling quite easy.   There of course are many more features of this membank software, and the links below can access that information.


Links to related application pages on this Membank software

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Form Letters




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