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  While membank software by rpsoft 2000 has a number of applications, its original design purpose was to serve as a password manager - a software program that not only stored www addresses, password names and passwords themselves, but also made them easy to us.  The project was a success and password managing has never seemed easier to us.  Not only does membank allow storage of www addresses, password names and passwords, but it can also send each of those items to the computer clipboard at the mouse click of a button.  What this means is that in most cases, you will not have to retype the information you see, but can just use the computer to paste it quickly where you need it - in the correct text box in the browser.

How Many?

Since membank allows multiple data files, the question of how many passwords can it control is best answered by "any number".  Each data file of membank can control password name, passwords, and www addresses for up to 160 web sites.  If more than that is needed, simply group "like" items in the same data file, and load and save multiple data files as needed.

Clipboard Memory

Membank software uses Windows Clipboard Memory to conveniently allow us to transfer www address and password information without retyping.  How does this work?  160 sets of web site password data, with 3 main items of information for each website are provided.  Those 160 "sets of three" data are accessed by pressing any of the 160 gray keys with your mouse on the bottom of the program screen.  Note also that a title space for each 5 keys is also provided above each 5 keys.  Pressing any key will send the information for that web site to the top of the program screen for viewing and usage.  For the password usage discussed here, likely the three bits of information would be:   (1) www url address, (2) password name for that site, and (3) password itself.

Once the button has been pressed and the information is viewed at the screen top, pressing a button on the left of each of three data items will send that item to the computer clipboard.  How to use the data?  For most windows programs, including many browsers, simply place your mouse cursor in the text window where you wish to transfer the text.  Then press "shift" and "insert" keys at the same time on your computer to "paste" the text in the location where you wish it.

Additional Features

The membank software program contains many more features.  These features allow changing the names of the sets of 5 data keys, the names of the 3 bits of information for each set of data, and even allows moving data around the software screen to organize it.  There is even provision for data movements between one membank data file and another!

Password handling and data handling has never been easier nor more convenient!

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